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Blue Holly

Blue Holly China Boy® (Ilex x meserveae)

One of the most rugged hollies available with exceptional tolerance to cold and heat. China Boy is a male Holly and the partner to China Girl. Lustrous green leaves are lighter in color than most blue hollies. Broad, rounded shape is perfect for foundation, specimen, or hedge. One…

Blue Holly

Blue Holly China Girl® (Ilex x meserveae)

China Girl is the female partner to China Boy. The plants look similar overall, and both are exceptionally heat and cold tolerant. The difference is that this China Girl will produce tiny white flowers in the spring that, if pollinated, will produce the vibrant red berries prized on…

Blue Holly - Female

Blue Holly - Female 'Blue Princess' (Ilex x meserveae)

Part of the "royal" pair of the 'Blue Prince' and 'Blue Princess' hollies, the female plant is the partner that will produce the red berries. It is important to plant both shrubs so that the flowers on the female shrub are close to a pollen source otherwise the shrub may bloom, but…

Blue Holly

Blue Holly (Ilex x meserveae)

Meserveae varieties offer the familiar glossy, spiny holly foliage, but often with a bluish cast. Very effective for creating evergreen screens, barriers and backdrops. A range of popular varieties gives a good choice of sizes and forms and female varieties have the bonus of red…

Blue Holly - Male

Blue Holly - Male 'Blue Prince' (Ilex x meserveae)

Part of the "royal" pair of the 'Blue Prince' and 'Blue Princess' hollies, the male plant is essential for producing pollen. The flowers of the female shrub must be pollinated to produce the red berries and so it is important to plant both shrubs (male plants do not produce berries).…

Dwarf Burford Holly

Dwarf Burford Holly 'Dwarf Burford' (Ilex cornuta)

Unlike some other holly species, 'Dwarf Burford' does not require a pollinator to produce its dark red berries. This is a beautiful plant throughout the year. The dense, compact, foliage makes a great background to set off colorful flowers during the warm season. The evergreen…

Dwarf Yaupon Holly

Dwarf Yaupon Holly Bordeaux® (Ilex vomitoria)

A beautiful compact evergreen shrub with a neat rounded habit. The glossy leaves emerge deep burgundy-red and mature to dark green. The entire plant turns burgundy during freezing weather. An excellent, carefree choice for hot, dry locations. U.S. Plant Patent #8,779.

Dwarf Yaupon Holly

Dwarf Yaupon Holly 'Nana' (Ilex vomitoria)

A great shrub for year round interest. Dwarf Yaupon Holly is a compact, rounded female shrub with close-knit branches. The glossy leaves are yellow-green when they emerge, turning dark green as they mature. Small blooms appear in early summer followed by small, decorative red fruits.…

Dwarf Yaupon Holly

Dwarf Yaupon Holly 'Stokes Dwarf' (Ilex vomitoria)

Compact, evergreen with a very tidy, symmetrical shape. Small, glossy foliage is a reliable source of beauty and color year-round. A slow growing, low-maintenance shrub perfect for small spaces.

East Indian Holly Fern

East Indian Holly Fern (Arachnoides simplicior)

Eye-catching and easy-to-grow evergreen fern. Shows better tolerance to drought than other ferns. A real standout in heavily shaded locations! Great for beginning gardeners or those who want a beautiful landscape with minimal maintenance.