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Cushion Spurge

Cushion Spurge 'Bonfire' (Euphorbia polychroma)

These unique plants are sure to attract attention! Bright green new growth ages to a burgundy-red color. Long-lasting chartreuse-gold flowers appear in spring. U.S. Plant Patent #18,585

Cushion Spurge

Cushion Spurge 'Chameleon' (Euphorbia dulcis)

A tremendous foliage plant with bronzy purple leaves, stems, and bracts. Tiny yellow flowers appear in early summer. Stems turn a brilliant red in autumn and leaves are a rainbow of red, orange and gold.

Cushion Spurge

Cushion Spurge (Euphorbia polychroma)

A must for early season color in border plantings! Rich green foliage is complemented by unusual yellow flower bracts. Foliage turns a beautiful blend of orange, purple and red in autumn.