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Daylily Hybrid

Daylily Hybrid (Hemerocallis hybrid)

Each trumpet-like bloom of a Daylily only lasts for one day. Most varieties offer up daily blooms for several weeks and some rebloom throughout the entire summer. There are over 50,000 registered varieties, so choosing a mix of Daylilies with different colors and bloom times is easy…

Dwarf Daylily

Dwarf Daylily (Hemerocallis hybrid)

Dwarf Daylilies offer a long season of color for hot, dry locations where other plants might fail. Perfect for high traffic areas along walks or along the edge between the lawn and garden border. The loose, grassy foliage moves easily to resist damage if bumped or stepped on. Bright,…

Reblooming Daylily

Reblooming Daylily 'Stella de Oro' (Hemerocallis hybrid)

Without a doubt one of the most carefree, long-blooming perennials around. The golden yellow trumpet-shaped blooms appear in early summer and continue right up to frost. This is a rugged plant, well-suited to hot, dry locations where other plants would fail. Also appropriate in high…