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Baby Bell Pepper

Baby Bell Pepper BellaFina® (Capsicum annuum)

BellaFina® plants produce a large crop of fruits that are each a perfect single-size portion (a third of the size of a traditional Bell Pepper). Collect the Peppers when they are yellow or if you're patient, wait for them to ripen to orange or red before picking. These smaller…

Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Banana peppers get their name from their color and shape which resemble that of a banana. There are both hot and sweet varieties of banana peppers available. All are easy to grow and delicious eaten fresh, in cooking, or pickled.

Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper 'Ethem' (Capsicum annuum)

This banana-type Pepper develops particularly large fruits with a mild, sweet taste. Expect the plant to yield a continuous supply of vitamin C-packed Peppers. Home gardeners should consider planting a sampling of different Pepper types in addition to this selection, such as sweet…

Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper 'Hot Sunset' (Capsicum hybrid)

This pepper lives up to its "sunset" name and matures from yellow to orange and eventually red, plus the fruits have a delicious, spicy flavor. Through growing trials across the U.S., this pepper is recognized for grow especially well in the Southeast, Heartland, and Great Lakes…

Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper 'Sweet Banana' (Capsicum annuum)

A gardener’s favorite for decades, recognized in 1941 by All America Selections for outstanding performance and flavor. 'Sweet Banana’ produces long, sweet peppers that mature from yellow to red. Banana peppers get their name from their golden color and long, narrow shape that…

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Admiral' (Capsicum annuum)

Expect the crisp, blocky green peppers on this selection to ripen to yellow. This plant is resistant to a multitude of diseases and will reliably produce a large crop of fruits from mid-to-late season. To maintain the best quality fruits, refrigerate harvested peppers immediately.

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Baron' (Capsicum annuum)

An excellent early-season variety. ‘Baron’s blocky bell peppers mature to a beautiful red shade and offer delicious sweet flavor. The mild taste blends easily with many recipes and the vibrant color can turn a simple dish from dull to dazzling in an instant. Very high in vitamins…

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Bell Boy' (Capsicum annuum)

High yields of blocky, thick-walled Peppers that mature from green to red. The sturdy plants are very easy to grow and will produce a steady supply of crispy sweet peppers all season long.

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Better Belle' (Capsicum annuum)

A variety considered superior to the old California Wonder in size, taste, and yield. ‘Better Belles’ are fast growing Peppers well suited for your garden plot or patio pot. Growing Peppers is easy and common practice for the home gardener. Heat tolerance and disease resistance…

Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper 'Big Bertha' (Capsicum annuum)

The fruits may be harvested when they are green, to increase the yields and frequency of harvesting. Alternatively, the fruits may be allowed to ripen to red, leaving them time to develop an enhanced flavor, but resulting in smaller yields. Provide support for the limbs, to hold the…

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