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Bunching Onion

Bunching Onion 'Red Baron' (Allium fistulosum)

This is known as a “bunching onion” because the bulbs form a clump. Slice the entire stalk, including the tubular leaves and burgundy-red bulbs, to incorporate into recipes or use as a garnish on salads and soups. Onions' sulfur compounds have antibacterial properties and are…

Bunching Onion, Scallion

Bunching Onion, Scallion 'Nabechan' (Allium fistulosum)

A very popular Japanese variety prized for its exceptionally sweet flavor. The tubular foliage and narrow bulbs are both useful either sliced or prepared as a garnish using the entire stalk. The strong vertical line of the plant adds a nice architectural dimension to the garden.

Evergreen Bunching Onion

Evergreen Bunching Onion 'Evergreen' (Allium fistulosum)

An easy to grow, early harvest onion. Rather than a single large bulb, bunching onions produce clusters of 5-9 stalks. Both the root and the tops can be used fresh or cooked. A wonderful, mildly sweet onion that is great for relish trays, hors d’oeuvres, and salads. This hardy…