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African Blue Basil

African Blue Basil (Ocimum basilicum kilimanscharium x purpurascens)

This sterile hybrid Basil is as ornamental as it is useful! The purple-veined, camphor-scented leaves make a nice accent in mixed annual beds or combination container plantings. This variety is particularly good for growing indoors on a sunny windowsill. Both the leaves and flowers…

Anise Basil

Anise Basil 'Persian' (Ocimum basilicum)

The leaves of this selection have a stronger, spicy anise-clove flavor and emit a powerful fragrance. Try mixing this annual herb throughout beds where its fragrance can be appreciated. Fresh-cut sprigs make a lovely garnish on the dinner plate. The flowers bloom later than other…


Basil 'Amethyst' (Ocimum basilicum)

This gorgeous Basil is as ornamental as it is flavorful! The fragrant, purple-black leaves add a bold splash of color to the herb garden. It also makes a beautiful addition to pots or annual beds. Pair with cheese and tomatoes to create an elegant appetizer.


Basil 'Aristotle' (Ocimum basilicum)

A compact grower that forms a tight, rounded mound of densely packed leaves. The aromatic leaves are small, but they are loaded with incredible Basil flavor! Try sprinkling some leaves into salads or using as a homemade pizza topping. This is the perfect choice for growing in patio…


Basil 'Boxwood' (Ocimum basilicum)

This delightful selection forms a tight, rounded mound of densely packed, small leaves that are loaded with the same great flavor as a larger Basil. The compact growth habit makes this the perfect choice for growing in pots on patios or in windowsills. It is also the ideal choice for…


Basil 'Cardinal' (Ocimum basilicum)

The potential of this gorgeous Basil is limitless! This delightfully fragrant ornamental herb can be mixed throughout annual beds, planted in patio pots, or even used as a cut flower in fresh bouquets. Try growing it in a sunny windowsill to perfume your home and have quick-and-easy…


Basil 'Cuban' (Ocimum basilicum)

All the rich flavor of sweet basil but with a spicy kick. Excellent for putting a spicy twist on traditional recipes and sauces that require basil. Basil’s aromatic foliage adds an enticing fragrance to the garden, or grow it in a pot placed in a sunny window sill. Super easy to…


Basil 'Dolce Fresca' (Ocimum basilicum)

Super easy to grow and so delicious! This variety is valued for its large, flavorful leaves and tidy, mounding shape. 'Dolce Fresca' grows equally well when planted in the ground or containers. For the best flavor, harvest basil leaves before the flowers bloom. All-America Selections…


Basil 'Floral Spires' (Ocimum basilicum)

A very ornamental Basil that was bred for its flowers as well as its foliage! This Basil is stunning in pots on patio tabletops or on sunny windowsills. Use the flower spikes in fresh flower bouquets or as a garnish on the dinner plate. The anise-flavored leaves are a good…


Basil 'Genovese Emily' (Ocimum basilicum)

This compact variety is ideal for growing in pots! The medium-to-large leaves are packed with flavor and are perfect for making homemade pesto or flavoring tomato dishes. Place containers of 'Genovese Emily' on patio tabletops as a fragrant centerpiece or grow it in a sunny…