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Actinidia (Actinidia)

Vigorous, deciduous climber with attractive variegated foliage. Female plants produce small, tasty fruit. Foliage variegation is more pronounced on the male plant.


Actinidia ‘Arctic Beauty’ (Actinidia kolomikta)

One of the hardiest of all kiwis, this Siberian native can survive temperatures as low as -30°F (-34°C). Grow it as an ornamental for its colorful foliage or as a pollinator for fruit production. A single plant can pollinate 6-8 female plants. With a combination of male and female…

Afghan Pine

Afghan Pine (Pinus eldarica)

This plant is originally from southern Russia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, which means it's well-adapted for growing in desert conditions and near the Pacific coast. Afghan Pine is a durable selection that can thrive in hot, dry locations and requires very little maintenance once it's…

African Boxwood

African Boxwood (Myrsine africana)

A rugged African native that is great for hot, sunny locations. The new growth emerges tinged with red, then turns to a deep glossy green as it matures. Plants are male and female, with the female producing purple berries. Most plants found for sale are more likely to be non-berry…

African Sumac

African Sumac (Rhus lancea)

This South African native is a beautiful selection for hot, dry locations. The gray-green foliage offers soft, large-scale color and the dense, compact habit provides excellent shade.

Agave, Century Plant, American Aloe

Agave, Century Plant, American Aloe (Agave americana)

Incredible drama for hot, dry locations! Agave's dense rosette of succulent foliage always looks good under harsh conditions. The long leaves are edged with sharp spines so take care to put in a location away from people and pet traffic.

Agave is native to Mexico and has a long…

Alaskan Cedar

Alaskan Cedar 'Green Arrow' (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis)

This incredibly narrow evergreen is a perfect filler for tight spaces or adding a dramatic vertical accent to larger plantings. The weeping branches are held close to the main trunk and create the overall appearance of an arrow shooting into the sky. An exceptionally low maintenance…

Alberta Spruce, White Spruce

Alberta Spruce, White Spruce (Picea glauca)

Also known as White Spruce, this beautiful evergreen tree has blue-green needles and a pyramidal shape. The fine textured foliage and very dense branching give this Spruce a smooth, sheared appearance.

Albizia, Mimosa, Silk Tree

Albizia, Mimosa, Silk Tree (Albizia julibrissin)

Fern-like foliage and feathery blooms are an attractive combination offered by this tropical beauty. Fast growth makes Albizia an excellent choice for shade or for quickly filling gaps in the landscape. May be overwintered inside where not hardy.

Aloe Shrub

Aloe Shrub (Aloe vera)

Aloe vera are known as Medicinal Aloe for the burn soothing gel within their fleshy leaves. A carefree solution for hot, dry locations. Beautiful grouped with other types of succulent shrubs and Cacti to create a sculptural look in the landscape.

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