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African Lily Indoors

African Lily Indoors (Agapanthus species)

Agapanthus is Native to South Africa. The tall vertical flower stems are topped by a lush cluster of blooms. Brings a distinctive architectural style to the interior and a refreshing tropical feeling. Plant in the garden when flowers have faded and this perennial plant will bring…

African Violet

African Violet (Saintpaulia ionantha)

A rosette of lush foliage supports a beautiful display of blooms throughout the year. Depending on variety, flower types vary from single to double and even ruffled, in a wide range of colors. Brighter, filtered light is best in winter months for continuous flowering.

Agave Indoors

Agave Indoors (Agave species)

Rosette of long, gray-green succulent foliage is a stylish accent plant for any sunny situation. Spiny edges add interest and texture. A low-maintenance selection, perfect for beginners or anyone seeking a great-looking, sculpture-like plant that doesn’t a lot of work. Native to…

Air Plant

Air Plant (Tillandsia species)

Tillandsias are a diverse group of plants known as “epiphytes”, or air plants. In their native habitat of Central and South America, Tillandsias are found growing anchored to tree branches or rock walls. Plants attach themselves with roots, but nutrients are absorbed through the…

Alocasia Indoors

Alocasia Indoors (Alocasia amazonica)

Alocasia are popular for the drama and tropical style their foliage brings to any setting and are often called Elephant Ears. 'Polly' is a striking variety with leaves of deep, glossy green and contrasting white ribs. It makes a perfect companion to plants with lighter colored or…

Aloe Indoors

Aloe Indoors (Aloe vera)

Aloe vera are known as Medicinal Aloe for the burn soothing gel within their fleshy leaves. Grown indoors or out, Aloe are an easy care plant and their narrow, water-holding leaves provide nice contrast to plants of broad or finely textured foliage. Plant them with other succulents…

Alpine Schefflera

Alpine Schefflera 'Junior' (Schefflera alpina)

Alpine Schefflera is a relatively new introduction from Asia. This is a robust species, more tolerant of cool temperatures than the more familiar, tropical Schefflera species found on the market. It has a nice compact habit and attractive red tinted new growth.

Aluminum Plant, Artillerary Plant, Friendship Plant

Aluminum Plant, Artillerary Plant, Friendship Plant (Pilea species)

Pileas are an incredibly diverse group of plants with such a wide range of foliage colors, textures and leaf forms that it’s hard to believe they’re related. All species tend to create a lush, low mound of foliage. Older plants can be pinched back to encourage fresh new growth. A…

Amaryllis Indoors

Amaryllis Indoors (Hippeastrum hybrid)

The large, exquisite blooms of Amaryllis have made it a popular plant for brightening up dreary winter days. Amaryllis are native to South America and grow from a bulb. When blooming is finished enjoy the plant for its attractive foliage. It is possible to get the bulb to bloom again…

Angel Wing Begonia Indoors

Angel Wing Begonia Indoors (Begonia coccinea)

Named for its large leaves that are shaped like the wings of an angel. A beautiful combination of green foliage tinged with red. Some varieties produce foliage with silvery speckles. Loose clusters of delicate, shimmering flowers appear all season long. Adds a lush, tropical feel to…

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