Quick and Thrifty DIY Holiday Centerpiece
- a few bits & branches make for a festive arrangement -

Posted on December 21, 2015

Quick and Thrifty DIY Holiday Centerpiece

A festive holiday centerpiece or mantelpiece is easy to whip up in no time – and even at no added expense. A quick raid of your Christmas storage bins and brief step outside to snip and gather a few branches and bits will have you halfway to done! Don't be afraid to mix nature and sparkle! They can play off each other beautifully….as evidenced by generations of decorated Christmas trees. Here are a few ideas and quick steps to guide you:

Holiday Centerpiece with Candles, Pinecones, Evergreen Branches and Christmas OrnamentsHoliday Centerpiece with Taper Candles, Pinecones, Evergreen Branches, Ribbon, Birch Branch and Christmas Balls

Holiday Centerpiece with Pinecones, Yule Log, Table Runner and Glass Ornaments

1. From your Christmas décor...

Grab candles, sparkly glass ornaments or themed-figurines such as Santa, snowmen or nutcrackers. A few lengths of garland or shiny ribbon might come in handy. You may also want to pull festive trays or table runners to use as a foundation for your creation.

2. Outdoors...

Harvest some bare or needled branches, or leafy evergreens with berries such as holly. Long lengths or small sections can be used as your arrangement's base or to accent a different base. If you'd like even more natural touches, grab pinecones, acorns and other bits along with your branches.

3. Back at the table, or mantel...

Place your base, be it a shiny platter, holiday fabric, an evergreen bough or a birch branch. Next, start placing and rearranging plant and non-plant additions atop and around it to get the look and level of fullness you desire. Keep it minimalist or create an over-the-top extravaganza – whatever suits your style! As a final touch, candles or mini-lights can be tucked into most any combination for a glowing finish.

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  • Branches
  • Berries, pinecones, nuts, acorns
  • Candles, miniature lights
  • Ornaments, ribbon or garland
  • Silver, gold or ceramic accents
  • Table runners or fabric scraps
  • Trays, baskets, decorative bowls

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