No-Brainer Container: A Carpet of Color
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Posted on May 6, 2019

No-Brainer Container: A Carpet of Color

Time: 15-30 minutes

Placement: Full Sun

Ingredients & Tools

12-inch Bowl-shaped Pot

8-quart Potting Soil

2 Golden Sedum

3 Hens & Chicks

2 Red Sedum


Water-soluble Fertilizer




1. Prepare

tools for planting a container garden

Water the plants for easier handling in the next steps. Gather your ingredients and tools. Work near the pot’s final display location, so you won’t have to move it far. Cut open the soil bag and fill your decorative pot 1/3 with the soil.

2. Arrange

how to arrange sedum, succulent plants in a containerRemove plants from their pots by gently squeezing the pot sides while grasping the plant near the stem’s base. Arrange them in the 12-inch bowl-shaped pot according to the diagram. The top of the root balls should be one inch below the top of the pot.
key of sedum, succulent plant ingredients

3. Plant

planting sedum, succulent plants in a container

Use an empty pot or trowel to scoop potting soil into the space around the arranged plants. Fill until the soil is level and one inch below the top of the decorative pot. This allows space for watering. Gently press the soil to ensure the plant roots have good contact with the soil.

4. Water

watering sedum, succulent plants in a container

Gently water your new plants. Add water until it starts to trickle out of the drainage hole. This will settle the soil and refresh plants after transplanting.

5. Care

care tools for planters and containers

  • Water your container whenever the top inch of soil is dry to the touch; daily when the weather is hot and dry.
  • Feed monthly with water-soluble fertilizer (mixed according to the package’s instructions).
  • Trim your plants every one to two months to remove dead leaves, stems, flowers, and to keep the plants from outgrowing the container.

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Tip Idea

Make clean-up a breeze! Lay a tarp under your work area to catch any stray soil. When finished, gather up the sheet and dispose or shake out the mess elsewhere.

Wish your container was mobile? Place your decorative pot on a plant caddy with casters so you can easily roll it from one location to another.


In case you have plants and potting soil left over, you could use them to:

  • create another container
  • share with a friend
  • plant them in the ground
  • give as a gift
  • donate the plant

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