Make a Hanging Air Plant Ornament
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Posted on December 5, 2018

Make a Hanging Air Plant Ornament

Air plants are the ideal houseplant for people with limited space for plants in their homes and they don’t require much care. The seemingly magic side of air plants is they absorb their water and nutrients through their leaves and don’t require soil or a pot.

This wire air plant ornament is easy enough to make for yourself, or you might find they’re so quick to create that you make more than one to gift. After all, there’s always at least one person you don’t know what to give them. And as if it couldn’t get any better, you can repurpose this hanging air plant ornament into a year-round decoration.


Air Plant

Wire, 28 gauge or desired thickness


Wire cutters

Ribbon, optional

Hanging Air Plant Ornament Supplies_Wire, Cutters, Beads, Tillandsia


Hanging Air Plant Ornament Create Loop for Hanger1. Cut 6 feet of wire. Create a small loop hanger by feeding the wire through a bead and back down again.
Hanging Air Plant Ornament Add Beads to Wire2. Add beads, if desired, as you create each new coil. You can either thread beads on the wire and allow them to settle the bottom of the coil, or you can secure each bead by feeding the wire back through the hole (in the same direction as the wire was fed the first time).
Hanging Air Plant Ornament Add Wire Coils3. Continue to create coils, wrapping the wire around the top, near the loop hanger, to secure each coil.
Hanging Air Plant Ornament Secure End of Wire4. Once you reach the end of the length of wire, wrap the wire around the bundle of coils near the loop hanger to secure the end of the wire. Trim any excess wire and smooth the wire end against the coil bundle.
Hanging Air Plant Ornament Wire Completed5. Add a ribbon, if desired, or attach an ornament hanger. Then, set the air plant on display in the wire hanger, like a hammock.

How to care for your air plant:

Place your ornament in indirect or filtered sunlight. Simply mist your air plant heavily two times a week or submerge it in water for one hour every two weeks.

We’d love to see how your coiled wire ornament turns out. Share a picture on the My Garden Life Facebook page or use the hashtag #MyGardenLife on Instagram. Air plants have a way of charming their way into your home and heart. You can find out more about caring for your air plants or learn how to make a magnetic plant holder.

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Purple and Red Flowering Tillandsia Air Plant

TIP: If you buy an air plant that’s flowering, then your ornament will be especially colorful.

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