Make a Fairy House from Natural Materials
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Posted on October 13, 2021

Make a Fairy House from Natural Materials
Building a fairy house is a great project for the young or the young at heart. Kids will especially love making tiny abodes for garden fairies to visit. Fairy garden houses are simple to construct from foraged materials in your yard. Their design is limited only by the resources available and your imagination.

Find Natural Materials to Build Your Fairy House

composite of three fairy garden houses made with objects from nature such as pine cones, shells and acorns

Nature abounds with items that can be used to construct and decorate a fairy house. The fun in making one begins with going out exploring to find objects – like a treasure hunt! Here are a few ideas for objects to look for and how to use them:

  • Sticks and Twigs – use for constructing walls, roof, fencing, ladders and furniture.
  • Bark – perfect for making walls, a door and tabletops.
  • Acorn Caps – just the right size to hold a marble or large bead to create a lawn ornament or light fixture.
  • Pinecones – cut off pinecone scales to use for roof shingles or wall siding.
  • Tiny Fresh or Dried Flowers – great for mini floral arrangements.
  • Flat Stones or Pebbles – ideal for walls, stairs and pathways.
  • Seeds, Pods and Nut Shells – create a decorative trim on walls, a door or along the roofline.
  • Seashells – use shells to decorate walls and doors, use scallop-type shells to make a small pool.
  • Moss – create a green roof or place it around the fairy house as a lawn.

Tips for Making Fairy Houses

fairy garden with garden decor made from natural objects, including a hammock made from a milkweed pod

1. If your fairy house will be outdoors where it will be exposed to the elements, be sure to use a weatherproof adhesive that won’t soften with moisture. A glue gun, or glues specifically designed for outdoor use, are the best choices for attaching objects.

a fairy garden gazebo made from objects found in nature

2. Many different items can serve as a base for building a fairy house. A wooden block, box or a large metal can are all good options for use outdoors. If your fairies will live indoors, you can use cardboard or heavy paper to give your house structure. This craft project is a good way to repurpose the cardboard from a cereal box, or other food products, packaged with non-waxed cardboard.

miniature table and chairs made of twigs placed in a fairy garden

3. Create accessories for your fairy house such as twig chairs and tables, a swing set or fencing. If space allows, create paths around your house using sand or fine gravel and add more structures such as a trellis, gazebo or garden.

fairy house made of objects found in nature surrounded by a fence made of twigs

4. Fences are easy to make from twigs and they give your fairy house setting a nice, finished look.

fairy house made with items found in nature that are then painted to create a colorful display

5. Just about any of the objects you find in nature can be painted. Add color and character to your fairy house by adding painted accents.

thatch-roofed fairy house and garden made of objects found in nature and landscaped with small living plants

6. Combine your fairy creations with small-leaved plants suitable to the scale of your house and furnishings. Small trailing plants such as thyme, baby tears, Irish moss and sedum are popular for adding live greenery without overpowering your fairy house.

A planter is the perfect place to display your fairy house. Find out how to make one yourself in Creating Miniature and Fairy Gardens.

hand placing "vase" of tiny fresh flowers on a miniature table with two miniature chairs

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