Earth Day: How-to Pay it Forward

Posted on April 18, 2016

Earth Day: How-to Pay it Forward

On Earth Day, it's important to reflect on how each of us impacts the world around us. In particular, consider what aspects of your balcony, porch, garden affect air, water, soil, and animals in your neighborhood. We all aim to make a positive impact on the world around us, whether it's picking up trash that tumbled into our garden or assisting a neighbor in need. This Earth Day, April 22, take positive actions to support the community we all play a crucial role in fostering.

Pay it forward to our planet with these easy-to-do projects:

For the Birds - There are nearly 10,000 bird species in the world, compared to ONE living human species.

1. Hang a feeder in a location where you can enjoy watching the wildlife all year.
2. Provide a birdbath for our feathered friends to frolic, drink, and refresh.

3. Add a birdhouse for the birds to call home.
4. Plant a tree or shrub to provide berries to birds, such as:

5. Attract hummingbirds with flowering plants, such as:

For the Butterflies - There are nearly 20,000 butterfly species in the world, compared to ONE living human species.

1. Provide butterflies food by planting flowers rich in nectar, such as:

2.Provide a butterfly puddle pool in the full sun and where you can observe them.

For Everyone

1. Select indoor potted plants to enjoy and purify your home's air.
2. Grow herbs in the kitchen to use in your meals or cocktails.

3. Plant a vegetable garden, then grill or eat fresh food all summer.

4. Choose a tree to plant and provide shade for yourself or shelter for animals.

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