DIY Centerpiece: Apple Candleholders
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Posted on August 27, 2018

DIY Centerpiece: Apple Candleholders

Apple season is coming, and that means pies, cider, picking expeditions, and – homemade tea light holders? That's right, with a few quick and easy steps, you can turn a fresh apple into a candleholder that's sure to be the focus of many an autumn centerpiece.


Fresh, firm apples

Tea lights

Sharp paring knife or a craft (X-Acto type) knife



1 Apple candleholder_Marking candle diameter

Place the tea light on top of the apple and use the knife to score around the circumference of the tea light.
2 Apple candleholder_Cutting space for candle

Using the knife, carefully cut away the apple inside the marks you just made.
3 Apple candleholder_Removing apple flesh

Use the spoon to scoop out enough flesh that the tea light fits snugly in the hole, its top flush with the top of the apple.
4 Apple candleholder_Inserting tea light candles

Feature your apple candleholder in a centerpiece, or make several and scatter them throughout your tabletop decorations.

Ideas for Decorating with Your Apple Candleholder:

  • Place apple candleholders in a straight line down the middle of the table for a dramatic living runner. Or wind them along in a more carefree manner, placing autumn leaves under them and unshelled nuts around them for a country chic effect.
  • Pile several apple candleholders in a wooden bowl, top up, or mix uncut apples with the apple candleholders. Either way, you'll have a bright and unique take on the traditional apple basket.
  • Create an autumn cornucopia, spilling with colorful squash, nuts, and autumn leaves. Nestle three or four apple candleholders at the base.
  • For a centerpiece, go for a multilevel approach. Use a cupcake or cake stand to display your apple candleholders on risers.

Making your own apple candleholder is a DIY project that couldn't be simpler. In minutes and for pennies, you'll have a stunning addition to your tabletop decorations, just in time for fall. How did your candleholders turn out? Share a picture with us on the My Garden Life Facebook page.

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Apple candleholder_Pressing cloves into apple

For an extra flourish and touch of spicy fragrance, push in cloves around the edge to frame the tea light.

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