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Transplanting Potted Lilies to the Garden

Transplanting Potted Lilies to the Garden - enjoy them for years to come -

Potted lilies are one of the few flowering gift plants that can be successfully transplanted into your permanent garden. Follow these tips to learn how.

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Top 10 FAQ for Lucky Bamboo

Top 10 FAQ for Lucky Bamboo - keep your plant healthy & looking great -

The answers to the most frequently asked Lucky Bamboo questions (care tips and how to diagnose common problems).

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12 Small Trees for a Big Landscape Look

12 Small Trees for a Big Landscape Look - all the benefits of big trees without the wait -

Learn about twelve trees that reach maturity in as little as 10-15 years. These little beauties are the ideal solution for getting the look of mature trees without the long wait. Small trees are also perfect for small spaces!

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Five Extra-Long-Blooming Perennials

Five Extra-Long-Blooming Perennials - enjoy flowers all summer -

Discover these five perennial plants that bloom over an exceptionally long season. Better yet, they’ll return to provide a reliable source of color and beauty year after year.

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Vegetable Garden Companion Plants

Vegetable Garden Companion Plants - sorting out the friends from the foes -

Learn which vegetable plants can help each other grow better and which can cause harm if planted too closely.

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Planning a Canning Garden

Planning a Canning Garden - 3 tips before planting -

Canning extra vegetables is a great way to preserve your homegrown food for use later. If you’ve never canned before, here’s a short list of things to consider before you get planting.

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Ways to Use Easter Eggs

Ways to Use Easter Eggs - creative uses for eggs & eggshells -

Coloring Easter eggs is a blast, but it’s easy to end up with more eggs than you know what to do with in the fridge. Here are our favorite uses for leftover eggs.

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Freshen Up Your Houseplants

Freshen Up Your Houseplants - spring cleaning tips for healthy houseplants -

The dry air and dim conditions of winter can take a toll on houseplants. Learn how you can revitalize your houseplants and get them off to a great start for spring.

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The Basic Gardening Tools Everyone Needs

The Basic Gardening Tools Everyone Needs - a must-have list for apartment dwellers & home owners -

A list of necessary gardening tools, no matter what your garden's size.

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Garden Trends for 2018

Garden Trends for 2018 - new ideas you’ll want to try -

The latest trends in plants, colors and décor for gardens and other outdoor spaces.

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