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Vegetable Garden Companion Plants

Vegetable Garden Companion Plants - sorting out the friends from the foes -

Learn which vegetable plants can help each other grow better and which can cause harm if planted too closely.

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Planning a Canning Garden

Planning a Canning Garden - 3 tips before planting -

Canning extra vegetables is a great way to preserve your homegrown food for use later. If you’ve never canned before, here’s a short list of things to consider before you get planting.

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Ways to Use Easter Eggs

Ways to Use Easter Eggs - creative uses for eggs & eggshells -

Coloring Easter eggs is a blast, but it’s easy to end up with more eggs than you know what to do with in the fridge. Here are our favorite uses for leftover eggs.

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Freshen Up Your Houseplants

Freshen Up Your Houseplants - spring cleaning tips for healthy houseplants -

The dry air and dim conditions of winter can take a toll on houseplants. Learn how you can revitalize your houseplants and get them off to a great start for spring.

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The Basic Gardening Tools Everyone Needs

The Basic Gardening Tools Everyone Needs - a must-have list for apartment dwellers & home owners -

A list of necessary gardening tools, no matter what your garden's size.

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Garden Trends for 2018

Garden Trends for 2018 - new ideas you’ll want to try -

The latest trends in plants, colors and décor for gardens and other outdoor spaces.

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10 Indoor Plants for a Healthier Office

10 Indoor Plants for a Healthier Office - brighten your mood & breathe easier -

Bringing a little bit of nature to your workplace can lift your spirits, increase your productivity and improve the office air quality.

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Great Gardening Books

Great Gardening Books - our favorites -

Ever find yourself staring blankly at the book section of your favorite store just wishing it was easier to find the perfect book? Well here's your guide to great gardening books!

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Holiday Poinsettias and Their Family

Holiday Poinsettias and Their Family - learn about drought tolerant, easy-care euphorbias -

Poinsettias mean Christmas, no doubt about it, but consider the rest of their plant family year-round for low-maintenance houseplants and resilient color for the garden.

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Keep Your European Tree® Looking Good

Keep Your European Tree® Looking Good - care tips for your holiday tree -

A quick list of hints and essential care tips to keep your living holiday tree healthy and beautiful through Christmas.

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