What Your Houseplants Say About Your Style

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February 27, 2019
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Your clothes reflect your style. So does your furniture, and your car, and your garden design. But have you ever considered what your houseplants say about who you are? They can reflect your individuality just as much as a new pair of boots or a re-upholstered sofa. Here are four perfect houseplant picks for four distinct personalities.


You love lacy scarves, all things pink, and graceful floral patterns. Your skirts are flowing and your heels are high. You never say no to silk or roses. All you need to complete an interior done in your feminine style is the elegant indoor calla lily, preferably with its showy blooms in pink. Make sure you station this beauty front and center, on a dining room table or greeting visitors in your front hall. Like all true divas, the calla lily shines when it’s where everyone can admire it.

Calla indoor potted plant

Here’s a few more houseplants to please the girliest of girls:

Miniature rose indoor potted plant Oleander potted houseplant African Violets on table indoors
Miniature Rose Oleander African Violet


Your home is filled with bean bag chairs, comfy throws, and maybe a few pizza boxes on the coffee table. Your favorite outfit includes sweatpants, and you roll happily with whatever life throws your way. A sansevieria or snake plant is a houseplant as laid back as you. Forget to water it for a few weeks? No problem. Shove it in a dark corner? Not an issue. Sansevieria is somehow able to thrive on neglect.

Sansevieria, snake plant, mother-in-law's tongue

Read on for more low maintenance houseplants that will fit in with your easygoing attitude:

Dracaena marginata houseplant Cactus Chamaedorea, Cat Palm
Dracaena Cactus Cat Palm


Stately columns, fine wines, and good tweed jackets that never go out of style, that’s your style. You’re the classic type, and your understated and elegant interiors have a timeless appeal. What you need to enhance them is a topiary. These trimmed beauties have graced the palaces of classical Rome, lined the rooms of Versailles, and are to this day a staple of the British manor house conservatory.

Eugenia Topiary

Here are some more plants found only in the finest homes:

Crassula ovata, Jade Ficus benjamina, weeping fig Pachira aquatica, Money Plant
Jade Weeping Fig Money Plant


You keep your Architectural Digest on top of your sleek post-industrial concrete and steel coffee table. Your converted warehouse loft has the right lines to display brilliantly your collection of modern art prints. Keep that trendy vibe going by investing in a lucky bamboo, the hottest houseplant among interior designers in the know. The Chinese have used this quirky yet simple plant for centuries as a mainstay of feng shui, the practice of designing to create a more harmonious environment.

Dracaena sanderiana, Lucky Bamboo

Three more striking houseplants guaranteed to add visual interest to any design:

Senecio rowleyanus, String of Pearls Zamioculcas zamiifolia, ZZ Plant Ceriopegia woodii, String of hearts
String of Pearls ZZ Plant String of Hearts

With so many houseplants to choose from, there’s no reason not to get one that matches your style. Whether your preference is a raucous family dinner or a formal candlelight banquet–chocolates and champagne or artisanal bacon and bespoke cocktails, there is a houseplant out there that will complement your unique design sensibilities.

Houseplants, Pilea, Palm, Basil


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