Eggs, Bunnies & Sweet Colorful Celebration

Eggs have been a symbol of the life and rebirth that spring brings with it, for thousands of years through a multitude of cultures. Decorating and hiding them or gifting them directly has also been commonplace through the ages. In ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Persia eggs were dyed for spring festivals. In medieval Europe, beautifully decorated eggs were given as gifts.

The modern version of an Easter Bunny, that leaves Easter Eggs for children, was brought to America by German immigrants. Originally, the children themselves would make nests of grass on Easter eve for the eggs to be left in. Over time that evolved into the bunny hiding the eggs, and a multitude of other goodies, for the children to seek out in Easter morning celebration! Germany is also believed to be the origin of the first candy Easter Bunnies…something to be grateful for as you nibble those chocolaty ears!

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