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May 27, 2020
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Everyone loves annual flowers! Some people have favorite annuals that they plant year after year. They like the reliability, beauty and color range of a particular variety. Others look forward to experimenting with new flower colors, shapes and combinations each spring; like a designer redecorating a room. Everyone likes the magical way annual flowers instantly transform a space – an especially big help when you need to quickly spruce up an area for a party or special occasion.

Whether your approach is garden traditionalist, avant garden artist or impromptu party planner, it helps to have your color theme worked out in advance. That’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite easy-to-grow annual flowers and arranged them into a handy guide according to their color. Now you can quickly see options in a specific color palette to match your theme or think about some combinations you may not have considered before.

Many of the plants in the guide are available in a range of colors. If you like a flower’s form but need it in another color, be sure to click on the picture to open the plant library record. There you’ll find a list of all “available colors” for each plant.

Annual Flowers List by Color

Red Annual Flowers

Red calibrachoa annual flower Red dahlia annual flower Red geranium annual flower Red salvia annual flower
Calibrachoa Dahlia Geranium Salvia

Pink Annual Flowers

Pink vinca (catharanthus) annual flower pink annual flower Pink hibiscus annual flower Pink impatiens annual flower
Vinca Begonia Hibiscus Impatiens

Orange Annual Flowers

Orange zinnia annual flower Orange celosia annual flower Orange Chrysanthemum annual flower Orange marigold annual flower
Zinnia Celosia Mums Marigold

Yellow Annual Flowers

Yellow snapdragon annual flower Yellow marigold yellow annual flower Bidens yellow annual flower Lantana yellow annual flower
Snapdragon Marigold Bidens Lantana

Green Annual Flowers

Coleus annual foliage plant Creeping Jenny green annual foliage plant Elephant ear green annual foliage plant Sweet Potato Vine green annual foliage plant
Coleus Lysimachia Elephant Ear Ipomoea

Blue Annual Flowers

Blue ageratum annual flower Blue pansy annual flower Blue lobelia annual flower Blue petunia annual flower
Ageratum Pansy Lobelia Petunia

White Annual Flowers

Dusty Miller white annual flower Sweet Alyssum white annual flower Verbena white annual flower Euphorbia white annual flower
Dusty Miller Alyssum Verbena Euphorbia

Want to learn more about annuals that can stand up to the hot, dry days of summer? Have a look at our article on heat and drought tolerant annuals. There you’ll find a chart featuring 20 summer annuals that will still be sitting pretty when the summer temperatures start to soar.


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