7 Houseplants for Hanging Planters
- Create your own hanging garden, indoors! -

Posted on October 23, 2019

7 Houseplants for Hanging Planters
Open any home design magazine and you'll see, 70s style is back. And that includes the craze for hanging plants: fern bars, macramé holders, walls of greenery inside. If you want to jump on the nostalgia bandwagon--or if you just like the idea of the drama and visual interest suspended plants bring to your interiors--check out these seven houseplants that do well and look good in hanging planters.

1. Codonanthe


A member of the African violet family, codonanthe has lovely tiny white flowers set against round shiny leaves on trailing stems, perfect for a hanging planter in front of a sunny window.

2. Spider plant

Chlorphytum comosum Spider Plant

So easy to care for, the spider plant is many an aspiring indoor gardener's first houseplant. Its lush, grass-like foliage, when hung from a planter, gives any room the feel of a tropical forest.

3. Ferns

Indoor ferns

Leisure suits, streaking, fern bars--all bring back memories of the 1970s. While most were glad to say goodbye to many of these fads, hanging ferns is one that deserves to continue. As long as you keep them misted, these lush beauties will shine hanging indoors.

4. Ivy

Hedera helix - Ive

You're probably familiar with ivy's lovely draping and climbing characteristics outside, but did you know it can do the same thing indoors? The many varieties that thrive inside offer a choice of leaf colors and patterns that will look great hanging in any room.

5. Million hearts

Dischidia ruscifolia - Million hearts plant

Here's an easy-care houseplant, perfect for hanging, that earns its unusual name, million hearts. Its gracefully twining stems are packed with tiny leaves shaped like hearts.

6. Succulents


1970, meet the 21st century. Combine the old craze for hanging plants with the new mania for succulents. These lovely, low-maintenance beauties look fantastic anywhere, especially when suspended individually in crafty planters.

7. Air plants

Air plants

Air plants are yet another group of houseplant popular today that do well in unique hangers and fit into any modern or new-rustic interior design scheme. In addition, these bitty plants are so simple to care for: just add air and a little moisture and they will thrive for generations.

Hanging houseplants are a design element as fresh today as it was in the 1970s. So if you feel inclined to pull out those old macramé plant hangers--or craft some new containers to fit with a 21st century aesthetic--give one of these seven houseplants a try. You are sure to enjoy the relaxed, natural feeling they create.

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