Use up all those Easter Eggs!

Posted on March 22, 2013

Use up all those Easter Eggs!

Eat `em up

Hard boiled eggs are a quick, healthy snack on their own and doubly delish when made into deviled eggs!  Create a power lunch by making egg salad, adding egg slices to a veggie sandwich or crumbling some atop a salad.

Break `em up

Whether from blown or hardboiled eggs, broken-up shells can be repurposed in multiple ways.  Add them to garden soil or the compost pile for a calcium boost. Spread them around the base of garden plants to deter slugs, snails and other crawlers.  If you’re feeling creative, use some as colorful mulch for houseplants or as mosaic bits to glue on construction paper in fun patterns.

Seed `em up

Blown egg shells can be used to grow seedlings. Carefully enlarge the opening originally used to blow out the shell so you have room to spoon in some potting soil. Add 1 to 3 seeds, then water and place in a sunny window. If you don’t have egg cups to hold your “seed pots” upright, use an egg carton or make a ring of heavy paper for each of them to sit on.

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