Shrubs for Winter Color

Posted on December 29, 2015

Shrubs for Winter Color

No matter if you live where the weather gets comfortably cooler or truly cold, you can still have color in your winter gardens. There are attractive, easy to find and grow shrubs that offer berries, bark and even blooms to brighten up winter landscapes.

Below you will find some time-tested, winter garden favorites for cold and warm zones. They all pair well with needled-evergreens making it easy to have a richly textured and attractive display year round.

Cooler Climes

Red & Yellow Twig Dogwood

Witch Hazel

Cranberry Viburnum

Warmer Climes


Indian Hawthorn

Pieris (a spring bloomer in cooler climes)

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Winter Beauty from Trees

Textured or Peeling Bark

Twisting Branches

Persistent Seedpods

Beautiful Silhouette