Plants to Celebrate Spring’s Return

Posted on February 27, 2017

Plants to Celebrate Spring’s Return

Late winter into early spring is when we crave fresh growth, a bit of color…some sign that spring is really returning! Swelling buds on Pussy Willow and dainty Crocus blooms - which might be overlooked or scoffed at if amongst the lushness of summer plant life - bring excitement, praise and hope. These are soon followed by bolder displays, as the likes of Forsythia, Tulips, Lilacs and more burst into bloom and cement our certainty of spring's return.

If you'd like to indulge in some of this excitement, look around your neighborhood and local parks this spring to note which plants catch your eye. Snap their portraits with your smart phone or camera, then seek them out at your local Walmart to plant in your own yard as personal mood boosters come next spring.

Here's a short list to spark your imagination:

Perennial Flowers

Anemone, WindflowerBrunnera, Siberian BuglossColumbineEnglish Primrose
Anemone/WindflowerBrunnera/Siberian BuglossColumbineEnglish Primrose

*Can be planted spring through autumn.

Flowering Bulbs


*Should be planted in autumn.

Flowering Shrubs & Trees

ForsythiaRhododendronWitch HazelWinter Daphne
ForsythiaRhododendrons & AzaleasWitch HazelWinter Daphne

Flowering Dogwood, WhiteLilacs, CommonPussy Willow with Catskins
Flowering DogwoodLilacsPussy WillowRedbud

*Can be planted spring through autumn.

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