Peppermint … a Multi-talented Star of the Herb Garden

Peppermint, the most popular flavoring year-round for treats and beverages, is incredibly easy to grow! With how easily peppermint is to grow it’s important to keep it maintained – this is easily done by growing peppermint in containers. To contain mint plants in a garden, bury an 8-12 inch tall plastic pot, with the bottom removed and the rim slightly above the soil surface, then plant the peppermint within the pot.

Peppermint leaves can be used fresh or dried to soothe, refresh and satisfy in a variety of ways:

  • Hot peppermint tea can help a grumbling or knotted tummy relax back to comfortable – however, avoid peppermint if you suffer from acid reflux as its muscle relaxing effects will make things worse.
  • In the heat of summer, iced black tea with peppermint added, or one made purely of peppermint, is cooling and restorative.
  • A few fresh mint leaves in vinegar and oil can add healthy zest to summer salads.
  • When chilly weather sets in, peppermint candy canes or peppermint oil add a fun twist to mugs of hot cocoa or holiday desserts.

The wonderfully textured leaves of peppermint are attractive enough to use by the stem-full in bouquets or as a garnish on desserts, beverages and entrees. Go beyond the typical beverage garnish and create mint ice cubes – placing single leaves into each compartment of an ice cube tray then filling and freezing as usual. These are very impressive in mojitos, especially if served with chocolate-mint frosted cake!

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