Outdoor Room Design Ideas
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Posted on October 12, 2016

Outdoor Room Design Ideas

Designing an outdoor room extends the usable space of your home and allows you to take advantage of your yard, deck or patio on a regular basis.

1. Seating is a Must

The appearance of an outdoor room is important for enticing its use, but don't forget to provide a reason to stay. Add an inviting seating area, which may also include pillows or cushions. If you plan to use the area while enjoying morning coffee or tea in the afternoon, then don't forget you'll need an end table.

Outdoor Room Seating

2. Provide Shade

In sunny locations, add an umbrella, gazebo or pergola over the seats to provide shade. Having shade is especially important if the outdoor room won't be used as much without protection in the middle of the day.

Outdoor Room Shade, Umbrellas and Pergolas

3. Show Personality

Whether you like pops of color or a contemporary tropical escape let your personal taste shine through your choice of plants and furniture. If you enjoy the setting and the feeling it creates, then you'll spend more time using the outdoor room.

Decorate Your Outdoor Room

4. Include a Fireplace, Fire Pit or Chimenea

If evenings can be chilly where you live, then a fireplace, fire pit or chimenea is the perfect focal point of your outdoor room. This will allow you to make use of the outdoor room beyond nightfall by adding light and a way to keep warm.

Fireplace, Fire Pit and Chimenea in Outdoor Rooms

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