Heat and Drought Tolerant Annuals
- the best annual flowers for hot summer temperatures and full sun -

Posted on September 28, 2019

Heat and Drought Tolerant Annuals
Heat and drought tolerant annuals can be just as attractive as thirstier, more heat-sensitive annuals. If you have hot, dry conditions that doesn’t mean you can’t grow beautiful and colorful plants. Besides colorful blooms, many of these drought tolerant plants are protected by shimmery foliage that “glows” in the landscape - especially when contrasted with green-leaved plants. Annuals with this silvery, furry foliage actually have tiny, light-colored hairs on their leaves and stems that reflect heat to keep the plant cooler.

Succulents are another easy-to-recognize group of heat and drought resistant plants. They produce plump juicy-looking leaves that store water for long periods of time. Succulents are available in an array of foliage colors and forms. They’re incredibly versatile and will do well in containers, tucked between rocks, grown as a houseplant by a sunny window, or used as groundcover in difficult, dry locations.

Heat and drought tolerant annuals are low maintenance, making it easier on the gardener, the environment and the water bill, as they take less water and attention. They’re also great for planting in containers since they’ll survive those days when you accidentally forget to water. Just plant them in a potting mix or soil that drains easily, and allow it to dry between water applications . You can spend more time this summer just sitting back and enjoying the view from the shade of your patio umbrella!

Here are some of our favorite drought tolerant plants for hot, dry situations that we think you'll love too:

Ageratum - drought tolerant annuals

Angelonia - drought tolerant annuals

Catharanthus - Vinca - drought tolerant annuals

Crassula - drought tolerant annuals
Heat tolerant and attractive to butterflies, Ageratum are perfect annuals for bringing long -lasting color and definition to summer containers and garden beds.
These annual flowers contrast beautifully with the lush green foliage. This robust plant withstands heat and rain.
Glossy leaves and simple, bright blooms look spectacular all summer long.

Crassulas are a fascinating group of succulents. Their thick, fleshy, leaf forms have a sculptural quality that adds a modern flair to any setting.

Delosperma - Ice Plant - drought tolerant annuals

Echeveria - drought tolerant annuals

Gazania - drought tolerant annuals

Gomphrena - globe amaranth - drought tolerant annuals
Ice Plant
Long-lasting displays of bright, daisy-like blooms even in the most challenging of hot, dry planting sites.
Create a tapestry of multiple Echeveria varieties or mix them with other drought loving perennials.
Compact annual drought tolerant plants produce bright, daisy-like flowers held on short stems.
A fun plant because the flowers add such a novel shape. Exceptional for dry locations or poor soil conditions.

Kalanchoe - drought tolerant annuals

Lantana - drought tolerant annuals

Marigold - drought tolerant annuals

Portulaca - Moss rose - drought tolerant annuals
Kalanchoe's many species are popular indoors and out for their ease of care, low water requirements and attractive, succulent leaves.
Heat tolerant annuals with clusters of tiny blooms in a good range of colors.
Marigolds bring a non-stop burst of sunny bright blooms to your garden or containers.
Moss Rose
Carefree color for poor soil and hot, dry situations.

Salvia splendens - drought tolerant annuals

Senecio - Chalksticks - drought tolerant annuals

Senecio cineraria - Dusty Miller - drought tolerant annuals

Antirrhinum - Snapdragon - drought tolerant annuals
Salvia are an excellent choice for hot, sunny conditions. They can tolerate drought better than many annual plants.
Senecio adds fantastic form and texture to the landscape. It stands up to hot, dry conditions that would cause many other plants to collapse.
Dusty Miller
The cineraria species brings cool contrast to any planting The tiny hairs on the leaves are the key to their heat tolerance.
This old-fashioned favorite is sure to attract attention. Brilliant spikes of color cheer up any garden setting.

Sweet Alyssum - drought tolerant annuals

Verbena - drought tolerant annuals

Wax begonia - drought tolerant annuals

Zinnia - drought tolerant annuals
Sweet Alyssum
A ground hugging annual with abundant clusters of tiny blooms. Does well in dry planting sites.
Vigorous, spreading plant is able to withstand heat. A great choice for hot, sunny locations.
Wax Begonia
Wax Begonia’s beauty and reliable performance make them a “must-have” for most gardeners.
Zinnias bring long-lasting, bright color and rich texture to any planting.

If you like these plants, look for information on other heat & drought tolerant plants in the My Garden Life Plant Library. You'll discover perennials, shrubs and more that are adapted to challenging growing conditions.

A beautiful garden of flowering plants that can withstand heat and drought

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