Get to Know Scaevola, Fan Flower

Flower Bio: Scaevola, Fan Flower (Scaevola aemula)

Brief Video: Intro to Fan Flower

Botanical Family: Goodeniaceae (Goodenia Family)

Related to: Australian native cornflower, dampiera, lechenaultia

Born in: Fan flower is originally from southern Australia, where it grows as a small shrub.

Bred by: Fan flower rose in popularity relatively recently. The Kings Park and Botanic Garden plant breeding program started breeding scaevola in 2002, which resulted in the release of ‘Blueprint’ in 2010. They continue to focus on improving the desirable aspects of fan flower for gardeners worldwide.

Scaevola aemula Purple, White Scaevola, Fan Flower

All-Star Varieties: Fan flower is valued for its ability to thrive and bloom continuously in areas with hot, dry climates. The current flower colors available are purple, mauve, and white.

Fun Fact: The name scaevola was given to this plant because scaevus means left-handed in Latin. This refers to the flower’s distinctive one-sided, fan-like shape.

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