Blooming Gifts that Flower-On
- go beyond the bouquet -

Posted on February 10, 2016

Blooming Gifts that Flower-On

Chocolate and long-stemmed roses are surely a welcome and classic Valentine's offering, but live plants are a reminder of your Love well beyond February 14th. Living Valentine blooms can adorn that special someone's home or work space for weeks and can sometimes be transplanted into the garden for years of enjoyment outside.

There are live Valentine plants to suit any style:

When it's time for your gift plants to move outside, assure they'll thrive by placing them in a location that best meets their light requirements.

  • Anthurium and calla lilies do well with partial shade and no hot midday sun.
  • Miniature roses thrive in full sun and grow wonderfully in the garden or in containers on patios and decks.
  • For containers in shady locations, cyclamen would do well.

Be sure to check your plant tags and the Plant Library for full details on the planting and care of your blooming Valentine's plants. You can find all of your favorite blooming Valentines at your local garden center!

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