9 Perfect Pick-Me-Up Plants to bring Spring Vibes
- houseplants give a lift as we wait out winter’s end -

Posted on February 6, 2017

9 Perfect Pick-Me-Up Plants to bring Spring Vibes


Even if things outside your dwelling are still buried under snow or just cold and stark, you can easily enjoy warmth and green freshness inside! Foliage houseplants can take the edge off the long wait for spring and lend a homey, inviting feel to any space. They provide an immediate connection to nature that can be missing at this time of the year and even help purify indoor air. In addition to beauty and freshness they can offer entertainment as you rearrange them during fits of boredom or jazz up their containers with mad crafting skills.


Before you head out to select your indoor plants, be sure to make note of how much daylight comes into the areas you'd like to display them. Foliage plants are readily available for every range of light from the brightest to very minimal and their light requirements will be listed on each plant's tag or label. Aside from the plants themselves, you'll want to have drainage trays to place beneath them and maybe some containers if their pots could use a style upgrade.


The plant(s) will likely have slow release fertilizer in their potting mix to sustain them for a good while, but consider getting a liquid fertilizer to begin giving them in the spring – when their growth will naturally accelerate.

Consider starting with some of these plants:

Dracaena marginata in White PotOrange Kalanchoe in Purple Pot Next to BooksFittonia, Nerve Plant
Dracaena marginataKalanchoeFittonia, Nerve Plant

Snake Plant, SansevieriaBraided Schefflera in Large PotOverhead View of Pothos
Snake PlantScheffleraPothos

ZZ Plant in ContainerSpider Plant in White PotIvy in Pot
ZZ PlantSpider PlantIvy

Once you get your selections home, place them in the appropriate light, keep the soil appropriately moist (as the tag/label directs) and sit back and enjoy!

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