5 Clever Ways to Use Plant Containers

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July 21, 2016
Table of Contents

1. Arrange Containers near Seating Areas –

Group containers on the sides of benches and chairs to naturally define edges of an outdoor room or create a nook by placing a living centerpiece on the table.

Colorful Flowers in Containers Near Seating Areas

Foliage Planters Near Fireplace, Red Geranium in Pot Near Chairs

2. Use Plants Poolside –

Liven up the concrete area around your pool with flowering plants or large containers of tropical plants.

Flowers in Pots Near Pools

3. Welcome Friends & Family at the Entrance –

Combine plants in one large container or group hanging baskets with planters to draw your guests towards your door.

Pots, Planters and Hanging Baskets Near Doorways and Gates

4. Decorate Outdoor Spaces –

Use your imagination and incorporate planters into new places for a quick pop of color. For example, hang flower baskets from a low tree limb or shepherd’s hook and set several potted plants on raised displays within your existing garden. Or perhaps you can distinguish your boat dock with a large potted container at the end.

Container Garden on Pier, Potted Plants Among Garden

5. Define Paths, Stairs, and Walkways –

Incorporate a repeated pattern of plants in pots to draw people down paths and walkways or up a wide set of stairs.

Potted Plants Along Stairs

Have you created a beautiful display of containers in your garden? We’d love for you to share pictures of your successes with us on our Facebook page, My Garden Life.


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