10 Flowers that Feed Monarch Butterflies
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Posted on September 26, 2016

10 Flowers that Feed Monarch Butterflies
Monarch butterflies are the only known butterfly to make a long 2-way migration every year. They travel south for the winter because they can't survive the winter in cold areas. A monarch can travel 50-100 miles in one day and needs pit stops at flowers along the way to refuel. Plant these flowers and you'll provide a much-needed feeding station of nectar for butterflies. No matter if you live in the city, suburb or countryside, here are 10 flowers to grow that attract monarchs to your garden, porch, and balcony during their fall migration.

Plant These in the Ground:

  1. Bluebeard, Caryopteris x clandonensis
  2. Jamaica Vervain, Stachytarpheta jamaicensis
  3. New England Aster, Aster novae-angliae
  4. Star Flower, Pentas lanceolata
  5. Vervain, Verbena bonariensis
Monarch Butterfly on Vervain, Aster, Caryopteris, Jamaica Vervain, Pentas

Plant These in Containers or the Ground:

  1. Autumn Sage, Salvia greggii
  2. Lantana, Lantana camara
  3. Meadow Sage 'May Night', Salvia x sylvestris
  4. Upright Sedum, Sedum hybrid
  5. Zinnia, Zinnia elegans
Monarchs, Zinnia, Salvia, Sage, Sedum, Lantana
After monarch butterflies hibernate in the warmer temperatures of Mexico and Southern California, they will start their journey north again in spring. Make sure to grow new flowers for them to visit in springtime.

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