TIP: Tomato Types and Their Uses
Determinate or Indeterminate Plants?

Posted on February 6, 2012

  • Determinate varieties bear their entire crop at one time, making them a top choice for preserving.
  • Indeterminate varieties have fruit ripening over an extended season, and are likelier to need growing supports such as stakes or cages.

Beefsteak/Slicing – perfect between bread with other sandwich fillings, or on their own, as a classic `mater sandwich! These meaty types also work well for cooking and preserving, and quickly reduce down to a thick sauce.

Salad – these types may not hold together well as slices, but are perfect for cutting into large chunks of juicy tomato goodness for salad tossing. They take longer to thicken when cooked for sauce, but are worth the flavorful results.

Plum/Paste/Sauce – These egg to plum shaped varieties are tasty in salads, but at their best when used for cooking and preserving. They hold their shape well when canned or sliced and break down quickly to a rich sauce when cooked.

Cherry/Grape/Pear – Shaped as their names imply, and very small in size, these are perfect for popping into your mouth or mixing into salads. Excellent roasted whole, as a topping for flatbread or for tossing with pasta and olive oil.

Heirloom – Cherished for their full flavor and interesting shapes and colors, there are heirloom varieties suitable for eating fresh, cooking, or preserving. They are grown from non-hybrid seed, passed down through multiple generations of gardeners.

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TIP: Tomato Types and Their Uses

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