Welcome to the help section. Here you will find tips, tricks and guides related to the Garden Club and its features.

Garden Journal

MyGardenLife offers you an opportunity to keep your own garden journal. It's easy. To begin, just follow these simple steps:

  1. In the Side Menu, click on 'My Journal'
  2. Next, click on the blue button 'Add Journal Entry'
  3. Create a title for you journal entry
  4. Add notes, observations or other details into the text fields
  5. Add a photo by clicking the 'Add' button under 'Images', then select one from your files.
  6. Add a plant tag for reference. Just enter a plant name into the filed under 'Plant Tags'

Tip: Be sure to select a privacy setting before publishing a post. Public posts can be shared with anyone, private posts are only visible to you.

We hope you find this Garden Journal to be a fun and valuable tool for recording your garden activity.

Public Profile

Your public profile is an area that you can share and showcase your garden journey with others. This section will show your profile picture, bio, public journal posts, and plants you're currently growing.

Help Popup

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Additional Support

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