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Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad - the colors and flavors of Italy in one dish -

This traditional Italian salad is quick, easy and delicious. Prepare it as an appetizer, side dish or even a light meal. Sure to become one of your favorite recipes!

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Summer Squash Chips

Summer Squash Chips - a healthy, delicious snack or side -

Roasted squash chips are a great way to use some of your summer squash harvest. They make a great snack or serve them up with your favorite dip.

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Spicy Lime Marinade

Spicy Lime Marinade - a tangy brine for poultry, seafood or vegetables -

Keep meal prep fast and easy with this light, flavorful and healthy combination of lime juice and herbs you can throw together in minutes.

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Planning a Canning Garden

Planning a Canning Garden - 3 tips before planting -

Canning extra vegetables is a great way to preserve your homegrown food for use later. If you’ve never canned before, here’s a short list of things to consider before you get planting.

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Tips for Using Your Frozen Produce

Tips for Using Your Frozen Produce - enjoy your harvest year-round -

For those of you who froze some of last summer’s fruits and vegetables, we have cooking tips. Get the most out of your preserved produce!

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Guide to Direct Composting

Guide to Direct Composting - turn kitchen scraps into black gold -

Try direct composting: the no-mess, no-fuss method for making compost from your kitchen food waste.

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Origins of Common Fruits and Vegetables

Origins of Common Fruits and Vegetables - how some foods got into our gardens & onto our plates -

As American as…gooseberry pie? We examine the globetrotting history of some of our favorite fruits and vegetables. They may be homegrown, but odds are, North America wasn’t their first home.

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How to Grow Peppers in Pots

How to Grow Peppers in Pots - pepper plants grow well in containers -

Sweet or spicy—green, red, yellow, purple—peppers of all sorts are easy to grow in a container garden.

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Vegetable Choices for Cold Frames

Vegetable Choices for Cold Frames - enjoy harvests nearly year-round -

Cold frames are perfect for growing vegetables that thrive in cool temperatures or for starting seeds and cuttings so you can get a jump-start on spring.

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Supportive Garden Structures

Supportive Garden Structures - working art in the garden -

Beautiful and supportive classic garden structures.

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