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Fresh Rhubarb Pie

Fresh Rhubarb Pie - fresh ingredients will take your dessert to new heights -

An old-school take on pie that you will serve time after time.

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Chilled Cucumber Soup

Chilled Cucumber Soup - a refreshing soup for hot summer days -

Use fresh cucumbers from your garden to make this easy summertime soup!

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6 Beautiful Edible Plants for Containers

6 Beautiful Edible Plants for Containers - brighten your doorway or patio -

Read more to see our blue-ribbon picks to beautify your small-space garden.

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Gazpacho for One

Gazpacho for One - yummy cold soup for a hot day -

No need to turn on the stove and heat up the kitchen with this chilled soup. Simply pick some fresh vegetables from your garden and blend them together!

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Unconventional Garden Vessels

Unconventional Garden Vessels - rustic chic for plants -

In nature, plants occupy every imaginable niche on the planet. Since almost everything is a potential substrate for plant life, we can have fun with the quirky adaptability of plants by intentionally vegetating re-purposed objects.

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Garden Planting Schedule

Garden Planting Schedule -seed starting for vegetables-

Give your vegetables a jump start by deciding which ones you'll start from seed and transplant into the garden.

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Cover Crops for Home Vegetable Gardens

Cover Crops for Home Vegetable Gardens - a living mulch for winter protection -

Every winter, winds and storms batter the empty vegetables beds in the garden. Protect the soil from erosion and weeds by growing a cover crop in that space. The cover crop not only protects the soil surface but adds nutrients for next spring too!

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Growing Vegetables in Pots

Growing Vegetables in Pots - fresh veggies right outside your door -

Whether you have acres of beds or nothing but a balcony and a few pots, we’ll show you why growing vegetables and herbs in containers is about to become your favorite garden move.

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All About Growing Tomatoes

All About Growing Tomatoes - tips, inspiration & popular varieties -

A one-stop collection of our most popular tomato tips, including how to grow and preserve tomatoes. Plus, a list of our best tomato recipes.

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Basic Sauerkraut: Fermenting Cabbage

Basic Sauerkraut: Fermenting Cabbage - super-easy recipe for making traditional sauerkraut -

It’s so easy to ferment food at home that you’ll want to try it too with this simple recipe for sauerkraut.

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