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Chilled Cucumber Soup

Chilled Cucumber Soup - a refreshing soup for hot summer days -

Use fresh cucumbers from your garden to make this easy summertime soup!

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Greek Tzatziki Sauce

Greek Tzatziki Sauce - pairs perfectly with gyros, veggies or pita chips -

Tzatziki couldn't be easier to make and can be used as a dip, a sauce, or even a stand-alone side dish. Home-grown cucumbers make this Greek favorite even more delicious.

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Cucumber Salad

Cucumber Salad - a cool treat on a hot summer’s day -

Not too sure what to do with all of your extra cucumbers? This salad is a perfect way to utilize them.

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Cucumber Tomato Salad

Cucumber Tomato Salad - refreshing salad that's easy to make -

The crisp texture of cucumbers and fresh tomatoes in this salad taste even better when they are fresh from your garden.

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Simple Pickling Brine

Simple Pickling Brine

Make basic pickling brine with this recipe and can your vegetables to enjoy later.

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The Easiest Watermelon, Feta and Quinoa Salad

The Easiest Watermelon, Feta and Quinoa Salad - the perfect dish to share at a party -

This fresh, summertime salad may be the easiest you've ever made, but your guests don't need to know that!

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Pickling for Beginners

Pickling for Beginners - how to pickle in 5 steps -

It's surprisingly simple and inexpensive to make sour, crunchy pickles at home. Follow these five simple steps to prepare your own fresh pickles.

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Gazpacho for One

Gazpacho for One - yummy cold soup for a hot day -

No need to turn on the stove and heat up the kitchen with this chilled soup. Simply pick some fresh vegetables from your garden and blend them together!

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Edible Flowers – a Trend to Delight All Your Senses

Edible Flowers – a Trend to Delight All Your Senses - flavorful, fragrant, and colorful -

Some flowers are more than just a pretty face, they can be eaten too! Use edible flowers to add a colorful, flavorful twist to just about any recipe.

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Cold Soup Recipe Collection for Summer

Cold Soup Recipe Collection for Summer - quick & easy to make -

Our favorite summertime soup recipes that use fresh-from-the-garden vegetables and herbs.

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