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Why Isn’t My Hydrangea Blooming?

Why Isn’t My Hydrangea Blooming? - 5 keys to flower success -

Hydrangea shrubs are prized for their showy, long-lasting flower clusters. That’s why it’s especially disappointing when they produce few, or no flowers at all. We’ve got some pointers to help ensure that your plants stay healthy and blooming year after year.

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How to Make a Toad House

How to Make a Toad House - a snug and safe retreat for toads -

Toads love to spend the day securely tucked away in a moist, shady nook. Here’s a fun, easy, and attractive toad house you can make to provide shelter and encourage more toads in your backyard.

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Rosemary Chicken Panini

Rosemary Chicken Panini - quick, easy, delicious -

Fresh rosemary and feta cheese give this chicken panini a Mediterranean flair.

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Plant a Moon Garden

Plant a Moon Garden - when the sun goes down, these plants are at their prime -

Usually, we think of planning the perfect garden for a sunny summer day. But there are some plants that are at their best at night. We show you how to create a garden that shines when the sun doesn’t.

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Spring and Summer Bonsai Tree Care

Spring and Summer Bonsai Tree Care - time for a little TLC -

Learn how to nurture your bonsai tree through the growing season with these great tips on feeding, weeding, pruning and more!

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All About Light and Water for Houseplants

All About Light and Water for Houseplants - what’s the right amount for your plants -

Proper light and water are essential for successfully growing plants indoors. Learn how to identify the best locations for your houseplants, how to choose the plants suited to your light levels, and tips for giving your plants the right amount of water.

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All About Mint

All About Mint - beautiful, fragrant, edible -

Take a minute and “refresh” yourself on one of the easiest-to-grow herbs – the mint plant! We cover all the basics of growing and harvesting mint and we’ll introduce you to 28 different varieties of mint. You’ll want to try them all!

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How to Divide Bearded Iris

How to Divide Bearded Iris - promotes plant health and more blooms –

Step by step instructions on how to dig and divide your bearded iris plants.

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Annual Flowers by Color

Annual Flowers by Color - find your favorite colors in flowers -

Do you have a specific color scheme in mind for your landscape or want to color-coordinate flowers for a special event? We’ve created a list with pictures of some of our favorite annuals, sorted by color to make it easy for you to find your favorites.

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Get to Know Leafy Salad Greens

Get to Know Leafy Salad Greens - great options to toss up a traditional lettuce salad –

The days when iceberg lettuce set the standard for a leaf salad are long gone. Get in on the latest salad trends with these 16 leafy options that will bring fresh color, flavor, textures, and added nutrients to your next salad.

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