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What to do with Your Poinsettia after the Holidays

What to do with Your Poinsettia after the Holidays - recycle or regrow, it’s up to you -

It’s hard to say goodbye to a plant, especially one that brings the indoors as much good cheer as the poinsettia does. But when the holidays are done, what to do with these holiday favorites? We’ve got some ideas.

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Basics of Flower Arranging

Basics of Flower Arranging - express your personal style with flowers -

Cut flowers are a four-season joy—a way to bring the garden inside during the warm months and to brighten any room during the dark of winter. Let us walk you through the basics of this ancient art, and in no time, you’ll be putting professional florists to shame!

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6 Unique Christmas Presents for Gardeners

6 Unique Christmas Presents for Gardeners - memorable and useful gift ideas -

Gardeners will appreciate getting personalized gifts for Christmas; items that are created just for them. This article offers six creative gift ideas that can be geared to gardeners of all tastes.

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How to Select a Poinsettia

How to Select a Poinsettia - get the most out of your favorite holiday plant -

Expert tips on selecting a healthy poinsettia plant from the poinsettia specialists at the Paul Ecke Ranch in Encinitas, California.

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How to Care for Your Christmas Cactus

How to Care for Your Christmas Cactus - keep your plant happy after the holidays -

Your Christmas cactus makes a great houseplant after it’s lost its holiday blooms. We’ve got tips on how to get the most out of your Christmas cactus throughout the year, including how to encourage it to flower again.

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Gardening Gifts for Kids

Gardening Gifts for Kids - give them a reason to get their hands dirty -

If you want to give a gift to a young child that is eco-friendly and encourages them to be a good steward of the earth, consider giving a gardening kit. It’s easy to put one together yourself!

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Growing Your Own Garlic

Growing Your Own Garlic - planting, harvest, storage -

Planting garlic cloves in fall will result in a bounty of garlic bulbs in the summer. Learn how to grow a successful crop of garlic in your garden.

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All About Birds

All About Birds - guides & tips to care for and attract wild birds -

There’s nothing that adds more color and joy to your landscape than a steady stream of visiting birds. Check out our collection of tips to discover how to attract birds to your garden, encourage nesting, feed them in the winter and so much more.

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5 Ways to Use Eggshells for Plants

5 Ways to Use Eggshells for Plants - from trash to treasure -

Eggshells are packed with calcium and other minerals, and this makes them too valuable for a gardener to throw into the waste disposal. When put to imaginative use, they can make a great contribution to your yard’s health and productivity.

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Growing Raspberries

Growing Raspberries - a complete guide to raspberry bushes -

Growing your own raspberries is one of gardening’s most rewarding tasks. We’ll show you how in five easy steps.

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