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Plants as Art

Plants as Art - ten great plants to incorporate into your interior design -

Looking for that perfect piece of art to tie together your latest home design project? This article describes ten houseplants, with structural characteristics, that can serve the same purpose as a grand painting or an expensive sculpture.

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Fabulous Ficus

Fabulous Ficus - learn all about this favorite houseplant -

A rubber plant livening up a corner near the family room couch, a Ficus tree forest in the middle of a mall, or a creeping fig dangling from a home shelf…they’re all Ficus plants. Get the facts on Ficus and fit one into your life soon!

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5 Alternatives to a Traditional Lawn

5 Alternatives to a Traditional Lawn - never mow again -

For reasons of aesthetics, expense, or the desire to live in a more eco-friendly way, homeowners are ditching their traditional turf lawns and turning to alternatives. This article lays out five of the most popular.

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Tabbouleh - a simple Mediterranean salad -

Our recipe for tabbouleh couldn't be easier and most of the ingredients can come straight out of your garden.

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The Garbage Garden

The Garbage Garden - a fun alternative to composting vegetables -

Get more out of your vegetable purchases. You can create a garden from the vegetable scraps that might otherwise go in the compost pile or get tossed into the garbage.

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A Guide to Garden Hoses

A Guide to Garden Hoses - possibly the most important tool you’ll own -

Every gardener needs at least one reliable hose. This guide will get you started on picking the best one along with its essential accessories.

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How to Make a Rain Chain

How to Make a Rain Chain - drain away rainwater with style -

Garden art and practicality combine in this latest landscaping trend. Rain chains are easy to make and a fun way to add a creative, personal touch to your home and garden.

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A Guide to Organic Fertilizers

A Guide to Organic Fertilizers - feed your garden, the natural way -

Organic fertilizers are all plant foods derived from natural sources, like manure, fishing byproducts and blood meal. Learn more about the different types of organic fertilizers, and what they can do for your garden.

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How to Make and Enjoy Shrub

How to Make and Enjoy Shrub - perfect for a mixer or mocktail base -

Learn how to make your own shrub--a colonial-era, refreshing and oh-so-trendy drink mixer. All it takes is vinegar, sugar and your own fresh produce.

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Get to Know Basil

Get to Know Basil - explore the many forms of this versatile herb -

Basil is available in more sizes and colors than ever before. But one thing all the varieties will always have in common - excellent flavor and an endless variety of uses.

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