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Heavenly Apple Crisp

Heavenly Apple Crisp - fill the house with the delightful aroma of apple and cinnamon -

Is your mouth watering yet? If not, it will be when the delightful aroma of apple and cinnamon is wafting from your oven!

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Ways to Use Easter Eggs

Ways to Use Easter Eggs - creative uses for eggs & eggshells -

Coloring Easter eggs is a blast, but it’s easy to end up with more eggs than you know what to do with in the fridge. Here are our favorite uses for leftover eggs.

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Easter Eats Recipe Collection

Easter Eats Recipe Collection - the best recipes to celebrate spring -

We hopped into the kitchen and gathered a basketful of our favorite recipes to add to your Easter brunch or dinner.

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Wild Rice Pilaf

Wild Rice Pilaf - a deliciously seasoned side dish -

The nutty flavor of wild rice gives this homemade pilaf a special touch. Enjoy this tasty dish alongside chicken, turkey, lamb or pork.

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Tarragon Snap Peas

Tarragon Snap Peas - quick & simple -

This four-ingredient recipe for sugar snap peas in the pod is incredibly easy to prepare.

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Mixed Green Salad with Grapefruit and Cranberries

Mixed Green Salad with Grapefruit and Cranberries - a healthy & refreshing salad -

This recipe is a perfect blend of fruits and greens, plus includes directions for a quick, easy-to-make dressing.

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Mint Fruit Salad with Fresh Berries

Mint Fruit Salad with Fresh Berries - a fresh & sweet side dish -

A refreshing fruit salad with a touch of mint.

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Create a Fragrance Garden

Create a Fragrance Garden - plant a garden that smells as good as it looks -

Flowering plants are all beautiful, but some are more fragrant than others. Discover ten plants that will add exceptional fragrance to your landscape.

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Freshen Up Your Houseplants

Freshen Up Your Houseplants - spring cleaning tips for healthy houseplants -

The dry air and dim conditions of winter can take a toll on houseplants. Learn how you can revitalize your houseplants and get them off to a great start for spring.

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The Potting Bench

The Potting Bench - one-stop spot for storage, organization, decoration & convenience -

Every gardener needs a potting bench. They combine style, storage and practicality all in one piece.

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