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Build a House for Native Bees

Build a House for Native Bees - the perfect nesting site for mason and leafcutter bees -

Celebrate mason and leafcutter bees with your family by providing bee houses and harvesting their cocoons to keep them safe. We have three styles of bee houses you can make with just a few simple tools and supplies.

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Get to Know Native Bees of North America

Get to Know Native Bees of North America - featuring mason and leafcutter bees -

Native bees don’t produce honey, but they are some of the best pollinators in the entire insect world. Learn more about two of the most common bee species native to North America, the mason and leafcutter bees, and how to set up your own bee house.

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10 Common Weeds

10 Common Weeds - some are probably in your landscape -

The truth is, a weed is just an ordinary plant growing in place that you don’t want it. That said, there are some plants that always seems to sprout where they aren’t welcome…year after year. You recognize them when you see them, but do you know what they are? Let us help put a name to some of the weeds growing in your yard and offer a few tips for keeping them under control.

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Plant a Stir-fry Garden

Plant a Stir-fry Garden - try a square foot, raised bed -

Use the square-foot method to simplify gardening and harvest loads of vegetables for homemade stir-fries.

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How to Care for a New Bonsai Tree

How to Care for a New Bonsai Tree - tips for the new bonsai enthusiast -

Growing bonsai trees is more than an ancient art form, it’s a satisfying hobby and a way to connect with nature in a close and unique way. Getting started with bonsai is easy with these great tips on how to grow and care for your new bonsai tree.

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How to Divide Hostas

How to Divide Hostas - the easy way to multiply your plants -

Step-by-step instructions on how to dig and divide your hosta plants.

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Succession Planting for Vegetables

Succession Planting for Vegetables - harvest more vegetables than ever before -

Is it possible to get lettuce and other vegetables all through summer? Yes, if you follow these steps for succession planting. See which vegetables can be used for succession planting to give you fresh vegetables for your summer recipes.

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Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs - a simple recipe for making these buffet staples -

Bring along these homemade deviled eggs, and you’re sure to be the star of your next potluck or picnic. Our recipe is quick, simple and gives you an opportunity to showcase herbs snipped fresh from your garden.

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5 Ways to Stop Weeds Before They Start

5 Ways to Stop Weeds Before They Start - win the war on weeds this season -

Early spring—that wonderful time you start to imagine your summer garden full of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and…weeds. It doesn’t have to be that way. With a little preparation now, you can put a stop to the weeds before they get a chance to take root, without having to rely on chemical herbicides.

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Why Is There No Fruit on My Tree?

Why Is There No Fruit on My Tree? - 8 reasons your tree is not producing -

Are your fruit trees not setting fruit? We give you common reasons that might happen.

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