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8 Tips for Growing Your Own Strawberries

8 Tips for Growing Your Own Strawberries - garden fresh and delicious -

Growing your own strawberries is easy! Follow these eight simple tips to get your garden off to a great start.

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Keep Your Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

Keep Your Cut Flowers Fresh Longer - grow your own bouquet -

Follow these words of advice and your flowers will stay fresh and pretty.

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Container Gardens for Butterflies

Container Gardens for Butterflies - attract butterflies to a small space -

Even if you don’t have a lot of garden space, you can still grow plants in containers that will provide food for caterpillars, nectar for butterflies and shelter for their eggs. This article includes a list of plants favored by butterflies.

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Five Extra-Long-Blooming Perennials

Five Extra-Long-Blooming Perennials - enjoy flowers all summer -

Discover these five perennial plants that bloom over an exceptionally long season. Better yet, they’ll return to provide a reliable source of color and beauty year after year.

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DIY: May Basket Day

DIY: May Basket Day - celebrate springtime -

This May 1, mark the special occasion by filling a basket-like jar with flowers to give your friends & family.

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Vegetable Garden Companion Plants

Vegetable Garden Companion Plants - sorting out the friends from the foes -

Learn which vegetable plants can help each other grow better and which can cause harm if planted too closely.

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Garden Center Checklist

Garden Center Checklist - a printable shopping list -

Before heading over to your neighborhood garden center, print this checklist to remember all the supplies you need in one trip.

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Create a Garden that Attracts Birds

Create a Garden that Attracts Birds - make your garden bird friendly -

Plants and birds have a very special relationship in ecosystems and outdoor environments, including your backyard. Here are tips for making your garden more bird friendly.

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Planning a Canning Garden

Planning a Canning Garden - 3 tips before planting -

Canning extra vegetables is a great way to preserve your homegrown food for use later. If you’ve never canned before, here’s a short list of things to consider before you get planting.

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Stuffed Scalloped Squash

Stuffed Scalloped Squash - with fresh basil -

A mouth-watering, vegetarian side dish of oven-baked, patty pan summer squash.

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