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Grow Your Own Hops

Grow Your Own Hops - and brew your own beer -

​Home beer brewing has proven itself as a top hobby among twenty- and thirty-somethings in recent years. And the natural evolution from brewing beer at home is to grow the hops that flavor it.

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Spring Planting - Vegetables

Spring Planting - Vegetables A list of Hardy and Semi- Hardy Vegetables

Winter has had us all cooped up, and it's time to get back into the garden (or container garden) and start planting all sorts of yummy veggies!

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TIP: What to do in the Garden with Printable Task Sheets

TIP: What to do in the Garden with Printable Task Sheets - garden tasks by month -

Timing is everything in gardening! Doing the right tasks at the right time will ensure a successful and beautiful garden. Make your job easier with our garden tasks downloadable tip sheets.

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Blooming Gifts that Flower-On

Blooming Gifts that Flower-On - go beyond the bouquet -

Living Valentine blooms can adorn that special someone's home or work space for weeks and can often be transplanted into the garden for years of enjoyment outside.

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Air Plants

Air Plants - easy, artsy, fun for anyone -

Learn how to display and care for these fun and easy plants!

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Garden Journals: Get the Upper Hand in Your Garden

Garden Journals: Get the Upper Hand in Your Garden - what to track and how to use the info -

Paper or electronic, garden journals are helpful tools.

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Ivy Topiary Made Easy

Ivy Topiary Made Easy - learn how to shape up some living decor -

Topiary is a fun way to add plants that suite your style within your home and ivy is a relatively forgiving, easy-care, starter topiary plant.

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Houseplants as an Indoor Nature Connection

Houseplants as an Indoor Nature Connection - create a soothing sanctuary in your home -

Enjoy the peace of the great outdoors - indoors.

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Shrubs for Winter Color

Shrubs for Winter Color

Winter doesn't mean only white or gray for the landscape. Check out some cool season beauty right here!

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Garlic Parmesan Cauliflower

Garlic Parmesan Cauliflower - a hearty, healthy side dish from just five simple ingredients -

Roasting is one of the most popular ways to prepare cauliflower these days. We take roasted cauliflower to new levels of flavor by combining it with a tempting blend of garlic and Parmesan cheese, to create a side dish that will complement just about any main course.

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