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Best Ever Garden Veggie Quesadillas

Best Ever Garden Veggie Quesadillas - use fresh vegetables from your garden -

Quesadillas are a cinch to make and their flavor can't be beat when you make them with garden fresh vegetables.

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Vegetable Cream Cheese

Vegetable Cream Cheese - rich & tasty appetizer -

A great basic recipe for all of your dipping needs!

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Annual Container Tips

Annual Container Tips - choosing plants & care -

Combinations of different annuals are a quick way to set the mood of any outdoor space and containers make it easy to do throughout the season. Coordinate or contrast colors and textures for the desired “feel” in no time at all.

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Choosing Perennials for a Bloom-filled Summer

Choosing Perennials for a Bloom-filled Summer - bring color to your garden -

Choose a mix of perennial plants that begin blooming at different times for a continuous vibrant display all season long.

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Chocolate Mint Frosting

Chocolate Mint Frosting - decadent frosting with a hint of mint -

This creamy frosting is an easy way to make your cake stand out.

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How to Create a Shady Retreat Garden

How to Create a Shady Retreat Garden

A shady space in your yard, especially one that has respite from late afternoon sun, can be the perfect location for a cooling, calming getaway spot. Combining shade-loving perennials in a subtly contrasting mix of shape, texture and color assures…

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Growing Herbs Indoors

Growing Herbs Indoors - care tips -

A brief guide to enjoying gardening and herbs all year long.

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Spiced-up Deviled Eggs

Spiced-up Deviled Eggs - with curry & hot sauce -

If you and your guests love spicy foods, then kick it up a notch with this lively twist on a classic recipe.

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Organizing the Garden Shed

Organizing the Garden Shed - safe & easy access -

The best ways to organize and store tools in a garden shed.

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Have the Greenest Lawn on the Block

Have the Greenest Lawn on the Block - basic steps for maintaining a lush lawn -

It’s easy to seed a new lawn, thicken an existing lawn, or patch bare spots if you know the right steps to follow.

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