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Landscaping for Wildfire Protection

Landscaping for Wildfire Protection - make a fire-resistant design -

In areas prone to wildfires, landscaping for fire protection around your home is a priority. Let us show you how to do that without sacrificing comfort or aesthetic appeal.

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Plant a Pollinator Garden

Plant a Pollinator Garden - help bees and the environment -

Bees and other pollinating insects are an important part of the ecosystem. You can plant a garden that provides a food source for pollinators and adds beauty to your yard.

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Trees for Pots

Trees for Pots - turn your container garden into a portable forest -

Trees in pots are a great solution for frustrated gardeners with small growing spaces and big dreams of a lush and shady landscape.

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Growing Vegetables in Pots

Growing Vegetables in Pots - fresh veggies right outside your door -

Whether you have acres of beds or nothing but a balcony and a few pots, we’ll show you why growing vegetables and herbs in containers is about to become your favorite garden move.

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What Should I Do in the Garden in May?

What Should I Do in the Garden in May? - monthly garden maintenance calendar -

We have a list of 12 things to do in your garden in May. There are ideas for what to plant and which gardening chores to do.

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How to Stake a Houseplant

How to Stake a Houseplant - essential care for your indoor plant -

Sometimes your houseplants need some extra support to stay healthy and look their best. In this article, we offer up tips on how and when to stake your indoor plants.

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All About Clematis

All About Clematis - how to care for the Queen of Vines -

Learn everything you need to know to grow clematis. Clematis is the (always) colorful, (often) vining, (often) vigorous perennial destined to be the star of your garden.

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How to Be Successful with Raised Garden Beds

How to Be Successful with Raised Garden Beds - getting the most out of this great gardening style -

If you’re new to gardening with raised beds, we have tips for how to use them most effectively this season.

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Straightforward Tips for Soil Improvement

Straightforward Tips for Soil Improvement - richer soil means better plants -

Good soil is essential for healthy plants. If your yard’s soil is less than perfect, you can improve it by digging in fresh materials to make up for what it lacks. But which materials should you add? This article describes seven of the most useful natural soil improvers.

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Days to Maturity for Vegetables: What It Means

Days to Maturity for Vegetables: What It Means - how to calculate days to harvest -

Plant maturity on seed packets and labels tells you the number of days it takes from planting to harvest. But this can be confusing because the number doesn’t explain how to calculate the days to maturity. Once you understand what days to maturity means, you’ll be a better gardener.

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