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Growing Your Own Garlic

Growing Your Own Garlic - planting, harvest, storage -

Planting garlic cloves in fall will result in a bounty of garlic bulbs in the summer. Learn how to grow a successful crop of garlic in your garden.

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All About Birds

All About Birds - guides & tips to care for and attract wild birds -

There’s nothing that adds more color and joy to your landscape than a steady stream of visiting birds. Check out our collection of tips to discover how to attract birds to your garden, encourage nesting, feed them in the winter and so much more.

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5 Ways to Use Eggshells for Plants

5 Ways to Use Eggshells for Plants - from trash to treasure -

Eggshells are packed with calcium and other minerals, and this makes them too valuable for a gardener to throw into the waste disposal. When put to imaginative use, they can make a great contribution to your yard’s health and productivity.

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Growing Raspberries

Growing Raspberries - a complete guide to raspberry bushes -

Growing your own raspberries is one of gardening’s most rewarding tasks. We’ll show you how in five easy steps.

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Decorate with Creepy Plants

Decorate with Creepy Plants - 13 plants to satisfy your dark side -

We’ve got 13 creepy selections that are sure to add a grim, gloomy or ghoulish touch to your landscape or home interior.

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How to Root African Violets

How to Root African Violets - grow a new plant from a single leaf -

African violets are houseplants with attractive leaves and flowers that are available in almost every color imaginable. This article provides detailed instructions for rooting a new African violet plant from a leaf in 10 simple steps.

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Extend the Growing Season with a Cold Frame

Extend the Growing Season with a Cold Frame - you can grow plants even when the weather cools -

Many vegetables grow better in cooler temperatures. A cold frame will extend your cool-season harvest or create a space for starting plants earlier in the spring.

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Vegetable Choices for Cold Frames

Vegetable Choices for Cold Frames - enjoy harvests nearly year-round -

Cold frames are perfect for growing vegetables that thrive in cool temperatures or for starting seeds and cuttings so you can get a jump-start on spring.

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How Much Light Do Indoor Plants Need?

How Much Light Do Indoor Plants Need? - learn what light your houseplant needs to thrive -

Though most favorite houseplants are suited to grow well in an indoor environment, they all need some access to sunlight or an artificial substitute. We’ll walk you through how to tell if your plants are getting too much or too little light, and what you can do to correct that.

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Setting Up Artificial Lights for Indoor Plants

Setting Up Artificial Lights for Indoor Plants - lights on for healthier houseplants -

As the dark days of winter descend, no one misses the sun more than your houseplants. Learn what sort of lighting your indoor plants needs to stay healthy, and how you can provide it in the most simple, cost-effective and attractive way.

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