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5 Clever Ways to Use Plant Containers

5 Clever Ways to Use Plant Containers - add quick color & style -

We love how these pictures show ways to arrange and group potted plants to create welcoming, inviting, and relaxing outdoor spaces. Whether it's a poolside retreat or outdoor seating area, planters are a quick way to add color and style to gathering places.

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Pickling for Beginners

Pickling for Beginners - how to pickle in 5 steps -

It's surprisingly simple and inexpensive to make sour, crunchy pickles at home. Follow these five simple steps to prepare your own fresh pickles.

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Stop Uninvited Guests...Deer

Stop Uninvited Guests...Deer - 5 easy ways to deter deer from your garden -

The most effective way to stop deer is an 8-foot-tall fence around your garden, but if you don't have the time or money to build a fence right now, here are some other ways to deter deer.

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Simple Pickling Brine

Simple Pickling Brine - a great way to preserve the flavors of summer -

Make basic pickling brine with this recipe and you can preserve your vegetables to enjoy later.

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How to Change the Flower Color of Bigleaf Hydrangea

How to Change the Flower Color of Bigleaf Hydrangea - hydrangeas of a different color -

If you purchased a bigleaf hydrangea with pink flowers, planted it in your garden, and were surprised when next year the flowers were blue, you're not alone. You have the power to change the color from bright pink to deep blue, or vice versa.

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Limited Space Gardening for Urban Lifestyles

Limited Space Gardening for Urban Lifestyles - container ideas for your balcony or small-space garden -

For homes with a small area, containers are the ideal solution for creating mini-gardens all around a balcony, porch, deck, or even just at the foot of some stairs.

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Flowering Vines

Flowering Vines - our top 5 picks that shade & shine in summer’s heat -

Summer is starting to simmer. Here are the best fast-growing vines that not only provide shade in summer, but are also in bloom during the hottest time of year.

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We Love Our Pollinators!

We Love Our Pollinators! - national pollinator week -

Many of our crops are dependent upon animal pollinators; one of every three bites of the food we eat is thanks to insects, birds, bats, and other pollinators. Here are four pollinators and some of the plants they frequently visit.

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Asparagus and Pesto Pasta Salad

Asparagus and Pesto Pasta Salad - use your fresh asparagus harvest -

We're always looking for new and creative ways to use our bounty of asparagus, and this recipe is a winner. The perfect mix of cheesy goodness and savory pesto with a punch of flavor coming from the tomatoes, you won't be able to say no to seconds.

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Garden Hacks – How to Garden During Drought

Garden Hacks – How to Garden During Drought

When water resources are scarce, follow these seven water-saving measures to limit your water usage, but allow you to continue enjoying a garden.

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