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How to Grow Hostas

How to Grow Hostas - enjoy dramatic foliage year after year -

Hostas are easy to care for, love the shade and provide highly attractive foliage over a long season. Discover how to grow hostas successfully.

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How to Grow Peperomia Plants

How to Grow Peperomia Plants - a guide to peperomia varieties and care -

Learn how to identify different peperomia plant varieties, including tips on growing and caring for peperomia as houseplants.

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All About Fragrant Plants

All About Fragrant Plants - fill your garden with beautiful scents -

Great garden design isn’t just a combination of balancing color, texture, shape and bloom seasons, it’s also about creating a connection with the sounds and smells of nature. Learn about fragrant plants you can include in your garden to create a more complete garden experience.

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Chile Rellenos

Chile Rellenos - savor a taste of Mexico -

Chile rellenos are a traditional Mexican recipe made with stuffed poblano peppers that are dipped in egg and deep fried. This version has a creamy cheese stuffing that perfectly balances the mild spiciness of the poblano chili pepper.

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Seed Storage – How Long Do Seeds Last?

Seed Storage – How Long Do Seeds Last? - how to keep seeds healthy and viable -

Careful seed storage is vital if you want to enjoy good germination rates. Learn how to store seed to preserve them as long as possible.

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Marinade for Vegetable Kabobs

Marinade for Vegetable Kabobs - a flavor boost for grilled veggies -

Use this simple marinade when preparing vegetable kabobs on the grill. It’s the perfect way to unify flavors when using a mix of different vegetables.

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How to Sterilize & Clean Plant Pots

How to Sterilize & Clean Plant Pots - keep your pots clean and disease-free -

Cleaning and sterilizing plant pots is an easy process that can go far in protecting your plants and extending the life of you pots. Whether your pots are clay, terracotta, plastic, wood, or metal, you can learn effective ways to clean and disinfect each.

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How to Dehydrate Fruits and Vegetables

How to Dehydrate Fruits and Vegetables - an easy and affordable way to preserve your fruits and vegetables -

Learn how to dehydrate fruits and vegetables to preserve them for the long term. Make tasty snacks and save storage space, too.

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How to Get Rid of Slugs in the Garden

How to Get Rid of Slugs in the Garden - chemical-free options for controlling garden slugs -

In most instances, you can get rid of slugs in the garden without the need to use toxic chemicals or baits.

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Common Squash Diseases and Pests

Common Squash Diseases and Pests - protecting your squash plants from bugs and diseases -

Learn to recognize squash diseases and squash pests and how to prevent them from doing damage to your plants and produce.

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