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How to Repot a Cactus

How to Repot a Cactus - a prickly subject -

Repotting a cactus can seem like a daunting task. But with a few precautions to protect you, and your cactus, it’s just as easy as repotting any other container plant.

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How to Make Rose Infused Honey

How to Make Rose Infused Honey - a simple, elegant & healthy treat -

Dried or fresh rose petals steeped in honey create a sweet indulgence with a subtle floral taste and heavenly fragrance. You can make rose-infused honey with just a few simple steps. It's perfect to keep on hand to mix with tea or pour over desserts. Or give this attractive treat as a special gift.

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Easy Vegetable Soup

Easy Vegetable Soup - from scratch in under an hour -

When the snow is falling, the days are short, and the wind howls outside, that's the time to whip up a vegetable soup to warm the bones and nourish the soul. Our simple vegetable soup will have you ready to call “soup’s on” in less than an hour.

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Prevent Winter Damage to Trees and Shrubs

Prevent Winter Damage to Trees and Shrubs - tips to protect your landscape during winter -

Winter's ice, snow, low temperatures and frozen ground can do damage to even your hardiest plants. Arm yourself with information on how to protect your plants through winter’s worst weather.

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Landscape Trends for 2020

Landscape Trends for 2020 - the most popular looks in plants and landscaping -

This year’s best trends in plants, color schemes and landscape décor that you’ll want to try!

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Make Your Own Decorative Garlands to Feed Winter Birds

Make Your Own Decorative Garlands to Feed Winter Birds - a colorful way to offer your backyard birds a treat -

By midwinter, cold and snow cover will make it difficult for your backyard birds to find the nutrition they need. With these easy bird-feed garlands, you can supplement the birds' winter diet as well as brighten your winter views.

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Easy to Make Lavender Sugar Scrub

Easy to Make Lavender Sugar Scrub - two steps to the perfect homemade exfoliant and moisturizer -

The long winter and the excesses of the holidays can leave your skin dry and in need of rejuvenation. This easy-to-make lavender sugar scrub can be made in ten minutes with inexpensive ingredients from your pantry, but don't be fooled. It will leave you as refreshed and glowing as the most exclusive spa skin care products.

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Keep Your European Tree® Looking Good

Keep Your European Tree® Looking Good - care tips for your holiday tree -

A quick list of hints and essential care tips to keep your living holiday tree healthy and beautiful through Christmas.

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Do You Know Mistletoe?

Do You Know Mistletoe? - a unique holiday favorite -

A plant parasite, a source of ancient myths and legends, or a magical charm…the history of mistletoe is a fascinating tale that spans the centuries.

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Gingerbread Cookies Made Simple

Gingerbread Cookies Made Simple - the best gingerbread cookie recipe -

This is a great-tasting cookie that's perfect for gathering together to decorate.

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