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What is Winter Mulch?

What is Winter Mulch? - the benefits of applying winter garden mulch -

Applying winter mulch is like giving plants a blanket to protect them from harsh winter conditions and damaging spring frosts. Learn more about the benefits of applying mulch before winter sets in.

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Chrysanthemums: Care, Colors and Varieties

Chrysanthemums: Care, Colors and Varieties - everything you need to know to grow beautiful mums -

A guide covering all aspects of growing and caring for chrysanthemums and the different colors and varieties available.

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10 Cool Weather Flowers

10 Cool Weather Flowers - annual flowers that don’t mind some cold weather -

Even when temperatures drop, you can still enjoy the color and fragrance that flowers offer. Discover ten flowers that do well in cool weather to brighten your landscape and your spirit.

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What’s Wrong with My Plant?

What’s Wrong with My Plant? - help for houseplants -

Brown leaf edges and wilting are just a couple of signals that something is wrong with your plant. Diagnose some of the most common houseplant problems and what you can do to correct them.

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Plain Yogurt and Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

Plain Yogurt and Cream Cheese Fruit Dip - a perfect partner for fresh sliced fruit -

A quick and easy fruit dip! This dip recipe adds creaminess and a hint of almond without overwhelming the natural flavor and sweetness of your fresh fruit.

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Common Madagascar Palm Problems

Common Madagascar Palm Problems - how to save your Madagascar palm -

Some common troubles with Madagascar palm are the leaves falling off, curling or turning yellow. This guide will help you troubleshoot why your Madagascar palm is dying and find out how to care for it indoors.

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How to Sharpen Garden Tools

How to Sharpen Garden Tools - a "cutting edge" DIY guide -

Learn how to sharpen garden tools safely and maintain them so they're ready to use when needed.

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10 Plants for Wet Areas

10 Plants for Wet Areas - choosing plants that tolerate wet soil -

If areas of your landscape are on the soggy side, you’ll want to select plants that can thrive in wet soil conditions. We’ve got a list of ten water-tolerant plants that can handle your landscape’s wet spots.

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Tips for Apple Harvest and Apple Storage

Tips for Apple Harvest and Apple Storage - making the most of your homegrown apples -

Homegrown apples are delicious if picked at the right time and kept in good storage conditions. Here's how to harvest your apples to enjoy them at their best.

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Beautiful Hydrangea Companion Plants

Beautiful Hydrangea Companion Plants - create colorful combinations -

Hydrangea companions enjoy the same growing conditions as a hydrangea shrub. Plus, many will bloom all season long, setting the stage for a spectacular garden display.

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