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6 Spice Plants to Grow at Home

6 Spice Plants to Grow at Home - use homegrown flavorings in your recipes -

Growing your own spices can be challenging, but when you succeed it's a satisfying and fun way to extend your plant collection. This article gives a guide to growing six of the most popular and useful spices at home.

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Make a Fairy House from Natural Materials

Make a Fairy House from Natural Materials - plus a gallery of creative ideas -

Inspiration and ideas to build houses and other accessories for a fairy garden made from natural materials.

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Pothos - The Easiest Houseplant

Pothos - The Easiest Houseplant - how to care for a pothos plant -

Pothos, a vining houseplant, is known for its elegance and versatility. It’s an excellent choice for most homes and offices. Learn the simple steps to care for this low-maintenance classic.

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Taking Care of Garden Tools

Taking Care of Garden Tools - maintained tools perform best -

If you’re an active gardener then it’s likely that your garden tools show it. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to keep your garden tools in tiptop shape. By managing wear and tear, you can get years of use out of your tools.

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Spring Flowering Bulbs for Groundcover or Filler

Spring Flowering Bulbs for Groundcover or Filler - add early color and fill in bare patches -

Spring bulbs help to get your garden off to a colorful start. The flowers in our list are ideal as temporary ground cover or companions to perennials.

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Preserving Your Apple Harvest

Preserving Your Apple Harvest - canning applesauce, apple butter & pie filling -

The gardener who grows one or two apple trees is often faced with the happy problem of having a lot of apples. Luckily, kitchen technology and several hundred years of apple cultivation allow today’s growers to preserve the overage. We have three recipes for canning apples that will delight apple growers and eaters.

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Canned Apple Pie Filling

Canned Apple Pie Filling - don’t settle for store-bought filling -

This delicious homemade filling can be used to make pies, a quick cobbler, crisp or even as a filling for coffee cake.

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Applesauce Canning Recipe

Applesauce Canning Recipe - easy to make family favorite -

Applesauce is one of the easiest ways to preserve apples. Enjoy it as a side dish or use it as a healthy ingredient in a variety of recipes.

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Apple Butter Recipe for Canning

Apple Butter Recipe for Canning - a healthy alternative to ordinary butter & spreads -

Canned apple butter is incredibly versatile. Use it to spice up breads, hot cereals, waffles and pancakes. Apple butter is also delicious used as a condiment or glaze for pork and chicken. Slather it on a ham or turkey sandwich to create a sweet-savory treat!

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5 Flowering Plants for Hot, Dry Climates

5 Flowering Plants for Hot, Dry Climates - beautiful perennials for harsh conditions -

Learn about five perennials that thrive in hot, dry conditions. Develop landscaping around these hardy plants so you can create a garden that returns year after year with minimal maintenance.

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