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Tidying the Autumn Garden

Tidying the Autumn Garden -get a jump start on next spring! -

A thorough fall cleanup will get your garden off to a great start when spring arrives. Here’s a list of ideas for planning your fall garden “wrap up” and changes you might want to start thinking about now, that will result in an even better garden next season.

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Crispy Kale Chips

Crispy Kale Chips - crispy, delicious AND healthy -

Everyone craves a salty snack now and again, and now you can have that snack without the accompanying guilt of straying from your diet.

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Fall Gardening Tips

Fall Gardening Tips - a handy list of tips and tasks to get your garden ready for winter -

All of the information you need to put your landscape to rest for the winter.

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Fresh Corn Fritters

Fresh Corn Fritters - a comforting favorite -

This classic corn fritter recipe makes eight tempting fritters.

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Top 10 Trees and Shrubs for Great Autumn Color

Top 10 Trees and Shrubs for Great Autumn Color - a “grand finale” before the quiet of winter-

A choice selection of easy-care trees and shrubs that will add brilliant color to your landscape through the autumn season.

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Planning a Long Blooming Bulb Garden

Planning a Long Blooming Bulb Garden - one of the easiest gardens there is to grow -

Fall is the time to plan and plant bulbs for spring. Learn about the different types of flowering bulbs and when they bloom. Make a plan that will have you enjoying flowers at the earliest sign of spring!

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Get the Most Out of Potted Mums

Get the Most Out of Potted Mums - give your landscape a fresh look for fall -

Chrysanthemums, also known as “mums”, are available in hundreds of colors and flower forms. They bloom for several weeks in the autumn, adding a colorful boost to tired summer landscapes.

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Freezing Summer Favorites

Freezing Summer Favorites - tips for storing tomatoes & herbs -

The basics steps for preparing and storing garden fresh tomatoes and herbs for quick, easy use later.

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How to Repot a Houseplant

How to Repot a Houseplant - indoor plants need fresh soil every 1-2 years -

Is your longtime houseplant top-heavy? Are the roots of your favorite indoor plant coming through the pot’s drainage holes? Does your plant look less perky than it did five years ago? These are symptoms that your beloved plants are due to be repotted!

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Black Bean & Corn Salsa Salad

Black Bean & Corn Salsa Salad - with a Mediterranean touch -

The ingredients of this easy-to-make recipe blend into a robust, fresh flavor that works well as a relish with chicken or fish, as a side dish or served with tortilla chips.

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